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I'm an executive career coach, leadership development consultant. I'm interested all things at the intersection of leadership and communications. I blog about it here and at pure-jobs.com/blog. I work with CEOs, senior leaders and teams at companies ranging from small, private businesses to the Fortune 50. I enjoy hearing new ideas! Send any articles, tips or cool thoughts on leadership my way.


Things Which Separate Good & Great Leaders

There are many qualities that separate good and great leaders. Great leaders become great because of what the...

Three Cyber Viruses You Need to Be Aware of and How to Prevent Them

Computer viruses follow patterns and understanding more about the ones that have successfully caused disruptio...

A Guide to Boosting Your Career in the Real Estate Industry

There is a variety of career pathways available in the real estate and housing industry. Whether you have cho...

How to Stay Focused at Work

Being more focused takes conscious effort and wont just happen naturally – here are top tips on how to ...

Happiness in the workplace: 4 ideas for boosting morale at work

1.     Keep things fresh It really goes back to the age-old...

How To Get your First Tech Job With No Work Experience

Starting out with your IT career as a freshie always seems difficult but its not.The number of IT graduates ar...

How your digital presence can help you get a job

These days, if you Google a restaurant, store or trade service and dont come across a website for them, its...

Returning to Work After a Brain Injury

Suffering a brain injury is one of the most challenging experiences a person can go through. Depending on the...

Business Protection: Thinking Ahead

Starting a business of ones own is the dream of many, but only a few have the courage to let go of the safety...

How to Have the Upper Hand with User Experience

When you are creating a website, it is important that you are able to give your visitors a great user experie...

4 Ways Tech Companies Can Save on Equipment

Capital expenditures for equipment purchases and maintenance are one of the biggest line items in the budget ...

Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business

If you run a business, or have a start-up, then getting your message out there can be frustratingly difficult...

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13 January 2015
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