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You want a good job – but you also want a facial tattoo. What should you do?

Name: Facial tattoos.Age: As old as ink.Appearance: Like some friends scrawled on your face while you were pas...

2018 Recruitment Tech Trends You Need to Know About

The latest business tech comes with many advantages; therefore, its the duty of employers and employees to ke...

Is the dress code still alive for job seekers?

GQ magazine, in an article titled, "2013: The Year We Put a Bullet in the Dress Code," writer Glenn ...

Business Casual Vs Startup Casual

Picture Mark Zuckerberg in your mind. Whats he wearing? Thats right. A t-shirt.In fact, Zucks signature gra...

How to become a Qualified Carpenter, and How Much Does a Skilled Carpenter Earn?

This is a fair topic to consider because no one wants to enter a career where they cannot make a reasonable am...

Don't Forget to Reclaim Your VAT Refund

According to recent research findings a large number of small businesses have been losing out on the chance to...

Six Secrets You Must Know to Quickly Land the Job You Want

More employers are hiring in a hurry, making decisions within days or in some cases hours of meeting great can...

Employee Texts Her Boss To say She’s Running Late For Work… And Receives The BEST Response

Weve all been there… whether the kids have been a nightmare to get out the door, youve overslept or y...

10 Things You Should Leave Off Your Resume To Get it Noticed

So youve just started you job search again. What you dont include on your resume can be as important as what...

Alarming Cover Letter Disasters that Won't Get You an Interview

The covering letter is vital to your Resume. This is why it is the first page and not an addition. "Pleas...

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It is commonly thought that first impressions in business are the impressions provided by employe...
06 July 2017
  So, you didn’t get the job. Or, you didn’t get the in-person interview af...
23 April 2017
How Long Have You Been Job Searching?


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