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How to identify Candidate Skills and Ability with online skill tests
According to a report carried out by Oxford Economics, the cost of replacing a member of staff is just over £30,000 per employee. While recruitment agency fees, advertising expenses, lost management time through interviews, and hiring temporary workers all contribute to this figure, the biggest reason why it costs so much is because the average new hire takes 28 weeks to reach optimum productiv... Read the full article
Challenge: Write A Blog Post
The Internet has given us access to so many things over the past few decades. Whether you’re looking for cute cat videos or up-to-date commentary on a recent event, you can find virtually anything you want. The Internet also gives you the power to shape your personal brand into anything you want it to be through social media and other websites. Today, we want you to harness that power and us... Read the full article
Challenge: Plan A Weekend Trip
It’s easy to make excuses for not using your vacation time. There’s always too much work to do, not enough money to plan a trip, or something more important going on. However, it’s important for your mental health and well-being to give yourself a little break every now and then. Instead of making excuses, take action. Do what you can do! If you can’t afford to take an extended vacatio... Read the full article
2017's Must Have 7 Critical Work Traits for Legal Secretary
Once you have mastered the core skills required of a legal secretary the next thing is to set yourself apart as an in-demand professional in the legal field. The best way to do this to learn how you can become a great legal secretary by striving as much as possible to master the 7 critical work traits below. #1.Reliability Legal secretaries are the attorneys' right-hand persons meaning that re... Read the full article
5 Logistics Career Tips for Starting your Own Business
The logistics industry is responsible for transporting commodities, materials, and products all over the world. It handles shipping, trucking, air freight, and other forms of transport both nationally and internationally. Logistics also involves warehousing material as necessary to keep business's supply chains running smoothly. There are billions of dollars in the logistics industry. It's a hi... Read the full article
Opportunities In The Emerging Oil And Gas Industry In America
In this energy driven world, everything is dependent upon a source of energy that supports almost every task to be accomplished with ultimate efficiency. Two of the most important sources under limelight are gasoline and crude oil that not only fulfills the energy demands rather both of the categories is the prime industries in the world which are supporting the finance and establishment of the ... Read the full article
Challenge: Arrive 10 Minutes Early
Being punctual is a sought after trait – not only by employers, but also by family, friends, and colleagues. Being on time, or early, for things assures others that you respect people’s time. It also benefits you. When you arrive 10 minutes early to something, you grant yourself a few minutes of wiggle room. You have time to breathe or do any last minute preparation. This will help you go i... Read the full article
2017's Best Way For Entry Level Developers To Get Hired
It can be frustrating to be an entry level developer trying to find work. It seems like every job ad asks for more experience than you have or expertise on tools you have never worked with, at a salary that barely pays back those student loans. While there is not much that can be done to change the employer side of the equation, there are lots of things you can do on your end to make it easier t... Read the full article
Here's how to Find Phlebotomy Work Experience: The Volunteer Option
Once you've completed your phlebotomy education, you're going to be eager to get your new career started. You've doubt taken a look at hospitals, labs, and private practices that would make terrific entries on your resume. Are you going to be able to snag a dream job without work experience? Phlebotomy is like a lot of other professional fields: finding work without experience can be a challenge... Read the full article
Challenge: Here's How To Stop Bailing On Your Plans
Don’t you hate it when you have plans with someone and they bail last minute? Isn’t it even worse when you KNOW they’re going to ditch you but they wait until the last minute to do it? You know how irritating that can be, but have you ever thought of how often YOU end up flaking out on plans? It’s easy to call others out when they don’t keep their promises, but when it comes to your ... Read the full article