A guide to impressing new employees for Success

' It is commonly thought that first impressions in business are the impressions provided by employees to the company owners or their co-workers.  While th

A guide to impressing new employees for Success

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It is commonly thought that first impressions in business are the impressions provided by employees to the company owners or their co-workers.  While this is true, the first impression of a workplace to the new employee also needs to be taken into account.  In fact, the first impression of a workplace can be highly significant in influencing the workers work approach.

In job interviews, applicants will often attempt to impress the interviewer or recruiter; however, it is important also for those interviewing to know that they are on the spot.  While the potential employee needs to impress, attracting positive workers can be challenging and it is vital that the interviewer creates a favorable setting.  Good impressions, similar to bad impressions, can remain imprinted in a persons memory for years to come and will influence an overall perception of a business.

In addition, a new employee needs to experience a positive first impression of his or her co-workers.  New staff must feel welcome, engaged and must be offered assistance in any situations where it may be necessary.  This article will provide information on how to help companies attain a good first impression and retain employees.

#1.Preparing For The Employees Arrival

First impressions matter, so having a reception that impresses is important. Many businesses will spend a lot on making this area look great. You could add some nice art, or take a look at these wall water fountain ideas. They could be the thing that creates the first impression that snags a great employee.

It is highly recommended that all new employees have the resources needed for work as soon as they begin with the company, for example the necessary office supplies and software.  By having resources, they will be able to begin immediately increasing productivity levels.  Furthermore, by having resources at hand, the worker will not need to scurry around for items and the organization will be presented as professional.

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Email & network access
  • Office supplies

Doing so shows the employee that they’re a priority and a valued member of the organization.

#2.Engaging With The Employee

It is often necessary for new staff members to complete a vast amount of paperwork before beginning their work.  This can be a time-consuming task; therefore, it may be beneficial to first sit down with them for a beverage or light breakfast making them feel welcome before beginning paperwork.  In some instances, it is best to provide the worker with a break from completing the forms to show them the office and introduce them to current employees.  In fact, it is also possible to divide the paperwork over a period of two or more days if there is extensive documentation. Here are some tips.

  • Host a catered lunch.
  • Take the team to a favorite local eatery.
  • Throw an after-work happy hour.

Events like these can give your new and current employees a chance to get to know each other in a more open, lower-stress environment.

#3.Provide Guidance For The New Employee

It may be simpler to throw the new employee into the deep end, but this is arguably one of the most frustrating experiences for any new staff member.  A new staff member should not be expected to perform duties without guidance or training.  The amount of training required is dependent on the work involved and the employee; however, the majority of companies will spend many hours working directly with the new staff member.

To achieve this focused training, it is necessary for the skilled trainer or supervisor to block out several units of time to spend with the employee during their first week at work.  Furthermore, the sessions should have as few disruptions as possible.  An effective trainer must use a new employees perspective because this will allow him or her to clearly explain processes and procedures.  New staff present with varying skill levels in different areas and some will learn faster than others; therefore, it is important that the trainer can adjust their teaching techniques accordingly.

  • Not Too intensive an information-giving session is likely to be ineffective.
  • Using a variety of techniques to giude the employee, such as orally or material, based on the person learning styles
  • shadowing and one to one on the job training

#4.Setting Them Up To Succeed

One of the best methods to ease new staff members into a work environment is setting them up to succeed.  This will ensure that they do not feel overwhelmed when approaching tasks and are able to understand what is expected.  Typically highly skilled workers will move quickly onto challenging tasks, but it is recommended that both entry-level and experienced employees be set up.  One approach is providing positive feedback during final reports as this will help the individual feel engaged.

  • Discuss personal goals alongside professional aims.
  • Set challenging or achievable targets for employees
  • Create a plan for success and something easy to stick to

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