About us


Pure Jobs global digital recruitment:

Pure Jobs is a multi-sector job board, launched in 2010. Its industry expertise and powerful search technology helps connect job seekers and employers regionally and across the globe. With 500,000 visits per month, from Europe, North America, to the Middle East and the Pacific.


For Job Seekers:

Since 2010 Pure Jobs has made its main mission to help job seekers a job board platform with a world of opportunities, and also help employers search for the best people for their positions.  Pure Jobs covers more than 38 industries and our search engine allows users to search across the globe.  You can apply for jobs & graduate opportunities globally, simple upload a recent CV or Resume and get found.


For Recruiter and Employers:

Pure Jobs connects recruiters and candidates. Making it easy for employers to be seen, and for candidates to refine searches, receive daily jobs alerts and, most importantly, find the right job. The Pure Jobs gives users the capability to search by region, including village names for more precise results.  The job seekers are global the majority coming from Europe, America and the Middle East The job seeker can search by job keywords such as ‘sales’ to get more specific results, to ensure they are finding the job best suited to their needs. 


About our audience: 



 Overall users:

is highly engaged; they click, register, opt in, subscribe, purchase and interact with your message in measurable ways.

·          500,018 unique users visit our website every month

·          Over 850,000 job seekers are subscribed to our jobs by email

·          Last year we advertised over 110,000s of jobs for over 19,200 customers worldwide

·          63% of our candidates who use our competitors use Pure Jobs first

·          spends an average of 9 -15 minutes on our site per visit and returns often is two-thirds male

·          80 percent employed; most are looking for better jobs or additional income.