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Are you interested in guest posting for Pure Jobs Blog! We aim to push out s much content on career management and other various subjects on the job market as possible to our 500,000+ monthly readers, and we’d love to know what you have to offer. So please get in touch in you have some compelling content you would like to share.


Benefits for guest posting:

  • Reach new audience
  • Build your band
  • Build a Network
  • Building links to your site


What to do?

  1. Review the requirements below before submitting your post.
  2. Make payment using PayPal (payments @ pure-jobs.com), make a note of your Paypal transaction number
  3. Submit your blog request using the form below add your Paypal transaction number
  4. Your article will get reviewed If we like your post, we’ll let you know within five business days.
  5. NOTE: Since we are typically flooded with guest posting inquiries, we can’t guarantee that your post will be posted. So to improve your chances, though, please make sure your post meets all of the requirements below.



If you’re thinking about contributing to Pure Jobs Blog, please read the following guidelines carefully. All articles will be reviewed by our editorial team. We reserve the right to reject any content that does not meet our requirements/standards.  Note: We DO NOT participate in text-link advertising. All contributor posts must be original, educational in nature, and relevant to our audience. All external links must be approved by our editorial staff to ensure they are relevant to the article’s content.


  • Must provide true career value
  • Must be original content (does not/will not appear anywhere else on the Web)
  • Must be written for a global audience (must have universal appeal)
  • Must be educational in nature
  • Must have a career-related keyword


  • Entire piece must be 500-800 words long

  • Title must be under 50 characters, including spaces

  • Must be nicely organized

  • Must contain good headers

  • Must have professional spelling/grammar

  • Must include an author bio (under 160 characters long)


External links

  • Maximum one external link to your website (or client’s) in the body of the article

  • Anchor text cannot be blatantly promotional (i.e. Great deals on www.websiteexample.com or Check out websiteexample for more information)

  • Links/text should not be forced

  • Other external links will only be approved if they bring reader to a credible source to verify a statistic/study

  • Biography is under 160 characters (with spaces) and only includes one link


the cost?

  • One post = $50

  • Three posts = $100


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