Could You Be Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Confidence is the biggest part of your job search. You must exude confidence when conveying your skills and achievements that make you the best candidate,

Could You Be Sabotaging Your Job Search?

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Confidence is the biggest part of your job search. You must exude confidence when conveying your skills and achievements that make you the best candidate, when networking with anyone and everyone, or when applying online for jobs. While confidence is a good thing, it is crucial to know where to draw the line between arrogance and confidence. You can end up doing your job search a disservice when you cross the line between great confidence and aggressiveness.


How You Are Sabotaging Your Job Search (And What to Do Instead)


To win that lucrative job you applied to, you must cease spamming your contacts and ignoring good networking etiquette. Finding a great job is determined by how well you are networking. So when you ignore good networking etiquette because “the job-searching times are getting tough,” you will fail. Engage in meaningful conversation instead of attending networking events with an aim of handing out copies of resumes or mass-requesting connections at LinkedIn.


But even with engaging in meaningful conversation, networking does take time and nurturing. You have to be patient prior to making any requests, listen carefully, and remember to ask thoughtful questions. Otherwise, aggressive, in-your-face approaches will not yield best results. In addition, desist from assuming responsibility for scheduling the interview when you apply for jobs online in my area. You simply cannot schedule an interview after submitting your resume.


Only the hiring manager has the right to do so. As an applicant, you will be overstepping your boundaries when you start calling the hiring manager and setting up an interview. Once you submit your resume and cover letter, it is not up to you to schedule an interview. However, you can call the hiring manager for a follow up about your application, but be courteous while at it. Additionally, it is also best to desist from stating (instead of showing) you’re the best candidate.


Show, Don’t State!


Exuding confidence when applying for a job at is great, but confidence can also work against you if taken too far. You can actually put off your potential employers when you echo big, broad statements in your interview or in your cover letter. There is nothing appealing about stating how best a candidate you can make. You might actually come across as arrogant. To increase your chances of securing that job, you have to instead show that you are the best.



Show clearly all your previous accomplishments and successes in your previous jobs. This is the most effective way to get your point across that says you are the best candidate. You will come across as more convincing and less pushy and in turn land that lucrative you just applied to.

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