How to Start and Develop Your Career in Marketing and SEO

If you are passionate about online marketing and want to start a career in SEO, here's how to discover how you can enter the digital marketing industry.

How to Start and Develop Your Career in Marketing and SEO

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Finance is supposed to be the backbone of every business while Marketing is supposed to be the front man of that particular business. Every department and function are essential for the business but Marketing could be the most important since the marketing personals are responsible for bringing in the customers to the organization. Recently when Information and Internet technologies started to invade into businesses and sudden boom of social media has opened a lot of job opportunities, particularly for the people relevant to Marketing. One recent form of Digital marketing and probably one of the most job creating field is Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O). 

What Exactly Is SEO?

S.E.O is basically one form of Marketing in which an agent offers S.E.O services to optimize the results generated by Search Engines when a person or customer use to search for the products or services similar to your offerings. The expert use to do careful analysis about the offerings of that particular organization. Then generate different keywords which are relevant to that offering. These keywords are very simple, easy to recall and use. So whenever a common man uses to search about that particular offering, it will show the result of that website or organization at the top when being searched at that particular Search Engine. So the purpose of S.E.O is to attract the maximum number of customers while being searched on any Search Engine because it has been found through a research that an average human being doesnt use to click on the results which are shown lower down the order.

How to get started: The Beginners Guide

It won’t be a big surprise if you’re planning to start a job in online Marketing industry while prioritizing S.E.O to the other options. So let’s just look into few tips which you need to focus while opting this job. 1st you need to be a thorough Analysis. The reason is that the 1st thing your job requires you a complete understanding of the product or website for which you’re about to do S.E.O because this will help you to devise out keywords. 2nd you must need to have a focus on these keywords because they must be relevant to not only to the object but also to one another. They must have some sort of harmony among them. 3rd, you must need to understand the difference between on-page and off page S.E.O. 4th try practice as much as you can because practice makes a man perfect. Last but not the least, try to apply for those organizations about whom you have complete knowledge or the knowledge of their offerings, so whenever you go for the interview, you might not get blanked during the interview and you may become successful to grab the job.

The stages for success:

Stage #1: Start your own blog

Stage #2: Read up on basic SEO and start to apply it

Stage #3: Understand the fundamentals of linkbuilding

Stage #4: Search for tools and resources for the job

Stage #5: Update your resume and start applying for jobs

Stage #6: Start researching the type of interview questions


S.E.O is one of the fastest growing field of marketing and probably one of the most job creating field. Right now, it is one of those fields who guarantee a relatively secure job opportunities. As mentioned above that Marketing is the heart of the business and the way Internet based businesses are progressing while creating several opportunities at a single time, S.E.O is very crucial for the business. Even big organizations, nowadays, have developed a separate sub- marketing department of S.E.O to constantly improving their marketing strategies.


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