Career Management: Are YOU Lazy?

“Not interested in making big money” “Not overly ambitious” “Focused more on life than work”

Career Management: Are YOU Lazy?

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Warning! I’m about to speak in code. We like to think of ourselves as:

“Not interested in making big money” “Not overly ambitious” “Focused more on life than work”

Code for all these excuses is “I’m lazy.”

Being lazy is something we don’t like to admit to ourselves, much less to our own mother (who will love us no matter what, except when being lazy). We will substitute other words and rationalization for our behavior. You think we can’t tell, but we can. You’re lazy, and second to bad body odor, no one really wants to be around that, even if you’re charming. (OK, maybe if you’re charming, but only then.)

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If you’re in the ranks of people of whom I’m describing, you need to pay attention to what I’m about to share. Someone needs to give it to you on the chin.

You may have reached a point in your adult life where you realized you don’t care if you get ahead, excel on the job, get a promotion, or even much of a salary. Lazy is about effort, and you discovered you simply didn’t want to put in any. You were willing to forego these things as a trade off.

As a lazy person, you have learned to do things to try to hide the blatant truth about yourself. You have tried to look like you didn’t care if others passed you by. Perhaps you even attempted to look like those things were too materialistic. The great thing about rationalization is that it seems to sound good and even logical to some extent. To you perhaps.

I’m here to expose your ugly truth. We really can tell. As much as lazy people think they’ve hidden the truth about themselves, at some level the rest of us know. We pretty much let you keep thinking that we can’t see what you’re all about. You didn’t ask “does this rationalization make me look lazy?”

Here is some of the other code this signifies. It says that while you might truly just not want to do anything, it says you haven’t checked in to life. You don’t get it. We’re at our best when we are productive and contributing.  We’re even better when we’re so passionate about our work that we can’t wait to get to it again.

It says you might be afraid to try or might not be able to stand the failure that comes with striving. What you’re missing is that it will make you feel great about yourself. Not because you kept up with other people or met some type of social standard. You would feel great because you had something you strived to achieve and did it.

As a co-worker, you aren’t our first pick to work with. You can’t be trusted. If I know you’re lazy, I’m not sure what you will or won’t do. Many times, in your attempt to look like something you aren’t, you may inflate what you know or will do.

Most of the time you don’t know what you will or won’t do. Your rationalizations are filed under “Ignore.” You’ve preordained your outcome because of your “lazy-speak.” We can all see through this and because, even if you’re charming, what good is working with someone you can’t trust? The best people I’ve had a chance to work with are generally running faster than I am.

Where does this leave us? If you’re lazy, you’re missing out on a big chunk of life. I recognize some people think there is a magical dividing line between work and life, but I’m here to say the line doesn’t exist.

This is your life or at least a big part of it. Stop trying to fool yourself. The effort you think will be so painful will be the best time of your life, if you just let it. Try some career management. Fall in love with your work.

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