Career Promotion Advice: How To Move Up

You landed that first job and you have been at it for about a year or two. Now, you’re looking for career promotion advice to move up the ladder successfully

Career Promotion Advice: How To Move Up

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You landed that first job and you have been at it for about a year or two. Now, you’re looking for career promotion advice to move up the ladder successfully. Obviously, there are no hard and fast rules to this. However, there are guidelines that can help increase your chances of promotion.

In my years at work, I have had the opportunity to practice some of these advice and observed some of it being practiced too. I have also had the opportunity to give this career promotion advice to my staff. Many have gone on to greener pastures and they have told me these are some of the career promotion advice that works for them even now.

Career Promotion Advice: How To Move Up

It is patent to get promoted, you need to shine. But what do you have to do to shine to gain a promotion? Here are some guidelines you can follow:

1. Be Serious About Your Work

Be serious at work and be serious with your work. What does this mean? Being serious with your work does not mean you cannot have fun at work. Neither does it mean you cannot enjoy your work. It just means you need to focus on your work.

Be focused and never let anything detract you from what needs to be done. No bosses like people who are not mindful of their job. When you are serious at work, you minimize silly mistakes. Bosses and colleagues can feel your commitment. This advice does not stop you from having fun at work. Being serious at work means being focused.

2. Be A Hard Worker

Many career newbies find difficult to take this advice. Being hardworking probably sounds laborious to many. And many would expect that a career promotion advice would talk more about working smart than working hard. Well, not this career promotion advice.

You see, no matter how much you work smart and no matter how many “tricks” you know to work smart, you still need to work. You still need to be hardworking in order for the results to show. Any short cut that does not require being hardworking will not bear fruits!

3. Be Indispensable

Isn’t it true that no one is indispensable in this world? Well, it is true. But you should strive to make yourself indispensable in the unit you work in. To gain a promotion and to shine at work, make “being indispensable” part of your career goals.

Strive to be a key competitive advantage to your bosses and your unit. When you do that, you are making yourself indispensable. Being indispensable means taking initiatives and doing what needs to be done on time. Take the initiative to do what is beyond the call of duty. When you take this advice to heart, you increase your chances of getting a promotion.

4. Be Nice

Being nice at work is to be a delight and pleasing to work with. It means to be polite and being able to handle your frustration and anger. It also means being able to lower your stress levels.

You would probably ask, Why would being nice increase your chances to gain a promotion? The answer is simple, when you are nice – polite, pleasing, and able handle your emotions well, you demonstrate professional decorum. One who does that is more professional and shines at work more than one who does not.

5. Be Enthusiastic

If you want to gain a promotion, be enthusiastic at work. Put passion behind every task that is given to you to complete. Let that enthusiasm rub off on your colleagues. This advice works because when you put enthusiasm into every task, work becomes easier and lighter. You complete it with more accuracy and speed.

Enthusiasm doesn’t just fuel you alone. That feeling of passion is also easily transferred to fellow teammates. It then fuels them to work harder for that common goal. When you work that way, you naturally shine at work.

To shine at work, remember to practice these attributes. It will help you increase the chances to gain a promotion.

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