Avoid Frustration in your job search

Ok so your job search is becoming very frustrating not getting good feedback. By making your search a learning experience, chance are you'll land something.

Avoid Frustration in your job search

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Ok so your job search is becoming very frustrating  not getting good feedback, bad interviews, the most frustrated thing about looking for new opportunities is not finding the right one.


Heres A list of tips as a frustrated job seeker should bear in mind.  This advice is basic but does trend to get over looked sometimes so embrace  the, as you will soon find the, vital. 


Be noticeable

Its not necessarily an easy thing to be noticed in todays market as most organisation have adopted in many ways when it comes to short-listing candidates.  The market has always changing so if your applying for a job and your competing with numerous applicants for the same job position make sure your noticeable.  Think out side the box, and focus on things that make you unique, make your CV or resume, Cover letter look unique this way you will stand out from others.  The Sole purpose of a resume is to grab the attention of your potential employer.  Target you resume to the job position, (think: qualifications, certifications, requirements), use bullet points on resume, use a clean layout, use a logo (think: your name) That, my friends, is how you make your resume stand out.  The sole purpose of a resume is to grab the attention of the employer, so always remember this.


Recognize When to Change

The biggest mistake job hunters make is not knowing when their resume or cover letter is not effective, such as not getting interview requests from employers,  meaning time for a change in either your resume or cover letter so If your are not getting results, you need to change it.

Do not be scared to try different formats, layouts! I am sure you know everyone has different opinions on resume formatting and content, which means employers will too.  Keep your resume and cv up to date & then upload your resume.


Formal or Informal Networking

It is said at at least 60% - some report even higher statistics - of all jobs are found by networking. Some one you know, knows somebody that knows somebody so dig in deep and start networking you never know where someone might be looking. Remember your job search needs to go beyond the internet to be more effective. NETWORK! Do not be afraid to let everyone you know that you are looking for opportunities.

Send an e-mail to anyone who might know someone who might have a job opening. You will be surprised how many leads you can find by letting people know you are in the job market. You will find that people really do want to help you. Network, network and network. Did I say network? If you do not ask no one can help you. Search everyday!


Job Search Everyday, in every way

Try to do something career related once a day, if not more. If you stop job searching your results will be delayed. Apply for opportunities that you meet most of the requirements. Employers always advertise a laundry list of qualifications and requirements. They would like to find the perfect person to match every qualification, but employers know this person does not exist. They are looking for someone who closely matches and someone who will fit well into the culture.


Basics interview preparation

When you go in for an interview make sure you are on time, prepared and researched the company you are interviewing with. Do not rely on just the company’s website for information. Be savvy! Use Google, Yahoo Finance, and Business Journals. This will show the employer how serious you are.

Come prepared with extra resumes and have copies of your references ready to go. The goal is to demonstrate your professionalism to the employer.


What do you find most frustrating in your job search?  


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