What is a recruitment Agency?

When you are looking for work you often come across recruitment agencies. How do recruitment agencies work exactly?

What is a recruitment Agency?

What is a recruitment Agency?
What is a recruitment Agency?
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Are you looking for a person who can work for your company or firm? And suppose you are unable to get a person because of your busy schedule or some other personal issues but you need an employee immediately for your company or firm. No worries, check out for a recruitment agency. Yes, this agency would be able to give an employee immediately for your company. These companies play an important role in finding an employee for the employers. They simply go outside and find a person for you to work in the firm.

Here I want to tell one more thing that do not confuse these both, Recruitment Agency and Employment Agency. There is a difference between them, when a Recruitment Agency finds an employee, he is the employee of the employer but if Employment Agency finds an employee, he is the worker of that Employment Agency.

What a Recruitment Agency do for the Employers?  

Most of the times employers need to read and pay more attention to the applications for the jobs, they need a lot of their time to do the job well. That is definitely a tough job for the employers to get enough time with their hard schedule. Sometimes they are unable to pay attention on the applications and to find the suitable person for the requirements of the jobs by themselves. Here, they get help from these Recruitment Agencies. In UK, these agencies play an important role, thus, this can be said that in three of your starting jobs, at least one would be through these Recruitment Agencies.

How do these agencies Work?

Recruitment Agencies firstly get the list of vacant seats in some firm, then they post an ad on internet or some other places. Have you ever noticed that most of the ads you see on internet or some other places do not mention the company or firm names? Yes, it happens, most of the times these agencies do not mention the name of the company or the firm. This is because, if these agencies mention the names of the companies who are hiring, the person will apply directly to the company and the Recruitment Agency would not get the fee.

In addition to this, the agencies only accept the CV's in Microsoft Word Format. The agencies remove the personal information from the CV in order to avoid the thing that the company would be able to directly contact to the employee with paying the agencies. Thus, the agencies convert the CV in a template in order to get paid.

Should We Use a Recruitment Agency?  

Recruitment company Candcsearch have mentioned that some companies is hiring some employees directly in the firm or they accept the applications directly, still do you really need to get help from a Recruitment Agency? No, there is no need of getting help from an agency. If you can easily apply to that company or they can easily conduct an interview, you must not take help from any agency. Yes, these agencies are beneficial later in your career, when you are searching for more senior jobs in future. You are not in need of these agencies but still if they are not helpful, then why there are so much Recruitment Agencies?

How do the Recruitment Agencies get paid?

Some of the recruitment Agencies get paid on a fixed amount, on the other hand some of the agencies are paid on the first decided salary of the employee. Payment to the agencies are paid by the employers, remember that a recruitment Agency which asks you to pay them are not reliable, you must not pay them.

There are some top Recruitment Agencies which are helping the people to get jobs in any company or Firm, these are as below:

  • i)'Bid Solutions':

This Recruitment Agency has a lot of professional people. This agency can provide both permanent or on contract basis professionals. It is in London and was founded in 2002.

  • ii)'Adecco':

This is on the best Recruitment Agencies in the world, it provides permanent as well as

Contract basis people. It also gives suggestions and advices to the employees for career opportunities. On the other hand, it also gives suggestions and advices to the employers when they are stuck to some place. Looking for a change? Yes, Adecco is available to help you out at any level of the career. It is also connected with the 60 countries around the Globe.

  • iii)'Blue Arrow':

Blue Arrow is United Kingdom's most famous Recruitment Agency. It is beneficial for the people who are looking for an individual job and also for those who are interested in starting their own business in the industrial sector.

These are some of the most famous Recruitment Agencies who are working for the famous companies of the world. They are able to provide employees all at once. The employers really need to get enough time for searching employees of their type and the people who are suitable to the requirements so that is why the Recruitment Agencies are working. They get paid by the employers, if any Recruitment agency asks you to pay for them, that agency is fake, do not ever pay them, and remember that.

These agencies are playing an essential role in the world of business, if you need an advice or do you want to start your own business, they can help you out. They are able to tell you and advice you about your career and it is also that if any employer is stuck somewhere, these agencies can take you out from that tough situation.

End note

Last but not the least, you must be careful about selecting the right Recruitment Agency. Few of them can be fake, you can check that out by checking the Employer's profile as there must be some indication about that Agency and on the other hand, you can directly call to the employer and confirm the Agency directly from him. Thus, use the reliable Recruitment Agency which can help you out in achieving your goals and making your career.

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