Twitter Hashtags to get you noticed, job seeker, recruiter and employers

                              Hashtags, those little bits of metad

Twitter Hashtags to get you noticed, job seeker, recruiter and employers

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Hashtags, those little bits of metadata that mark the keywords in your post, are so ingrained in the Twitterverse that we hardly notice them anymore.


However, jobseekers, employers and recruiters tend to pay attention. Your choice of hashtag will influence Twitter’s search engine and net you the click-through response you seek.


Hashtags for jobseekers


These range from the direct plea (#hireme), to the degree-specific (#MBA), to the more colorful (#gettingthegig is listed as one of Twitter’s Top 100 employment tags).


Tags that refer to skills and disciplines, like #webdev or #accounting, can help private companies and employment agencies in Phoenix locate your contact details when specific job openings appear.


If you are linking to your resume, #resume is a safe bet. You may also link to your entire #profile to give employers even more details about yourself.


Hashtags for employers


These relate to the description of the job opening in hopes that qualified candidates will click through and apply.


Direct phrases such as  #jobopening or #recruiting are highly popular and net millions of responses. More specific hashtags like #telecomjobs can narrow the field to those with telecom experience.


Hashtags for recruiters


These include relevant keywords like #phoenixjobs, #recruitphoenix or #contractwork. Employment agencies in Phoenix may search Twitter for candidates while simultaneously posting job openings.


A good bet? “Follow” an employment firm and you will receive the latest and greatest postings on your page when they are posted, without having to do an additional search.


What is your favorite hashtags (#) on twitter to help you reach out beyond your followers, and what do you think the benefits are of benefits of this? Share your thoughts below!

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