Poll: Should Employees Go To Work Sick?

If your company has a “paid time off” (PTO) policy instead of traditional vacation time, you might have to go to work sick if you want a

Poll: Should Employees Go To Work Sick?

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If your company has a “paid time off” (PTO) policy instead of traditional vacation time, you might have to go to work sick if you want a vacation.

However, you could be forced to go home if you’ve got as much as a runny nose!

According to this article on CBS News, an employer with PTO has the power to exclude sick employees from the workplace.

Although this may sound appealing because it gives illness less of a chance to spread in the workplace, this policy can severely cut into vacation time for sickly employees.


However, an employer with a PTO policy also can require an employee to go home if they show even the slightest signs of illness. That means, even if you are perfectly capable of working, you still might be sent home if you’ve got the sniffles.

But what about that vacation with your family in March? You might have to reschedule if you “use” too many sick days.

So, should employees be allowed to go to work sick and risk getting others ill? Or should they stay home and allow their vacation time to slip away?

What would you do if you had limited time and didn’t want to waste it as a sick day?


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