Office Fashion: What Do I Wear To Work In The Winter?

That means snow, ice, salt, and cold. It also means wearing your favorite work heels to walk to work isn’t really realistic.

Office Fashion: What Do I Wear To Work In The Winter?

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It’s winter. That means snow, ice, salt, and cold. It also means wearing your favorite work heels to walk to work isn’t really realistic. So, what’s a girl to do? We brought in fashion expert Ashley Poulin of to answer your biggest questions on office fashion. Today’s question is, “What do I wear to work in the winter?”

Fashion Challenge: Professionals who don’t know how to simultaneously dress for inclement weather AND the office. For example, if you can’t wear snow boots and oversized sweaters to the office  - and you really can’t, without getting lots of startled glances – how do you dress for both a snowstorm and a “business professional” dress code?

SharpHeels Style Guideline

Winter weather is tough… you want to be warm, but you also want to look stylish. You can do both.

Check out the quick tips below or watch the video!

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

“The” Winter Coat – The first and most important priority is to invest in a good Winter coat. Additional Necessities : Gloves – black leather winter gloves with cashmere lining for extra warmth.  There are also some great microfiber options that look like leather, but are less expensive. Black Skinny Pants or even consider black skinny jeans (depending on the office dress code) – skinny pants hug your body and keep you warm.  You can also add tights or even long johns under them for an extra layer of warmth. Boots that can last the elements or swap out your winter boots for office heels when you get to your desk. Note – Invest in a couple pairs of sleek, not hefty, dress boots that can be worn out in the elements and at the office Even better: Buy a large workbag that you can put your heels in, then switch them out at the office. Cashmere Sweater – nothing can replace the warmth of a 100% cashmere sweater.  It’s worth the investment. Long Johns – In the coldest of winter days add a pair of tight (form fitting) long johns that you can wear under your skinny pants.  They will added a wonderful extra layer of warmth and no one will ever know you’re wearing them Cashmere Scarf – scarves keep your neck warm and they also add a little color to your otherwise toned down winter wardrobe.  Use the scarf for both warm and color. Wool Socks – buys a couple pairs of fun wool socks.  They’ll keep your toes warm and give you a smile at the end of the long day We’ll also show you some of our favorite coats – pea coats and synched waste coats that will make you look great on your way to the office in the fall and winter months.

Click here to view all of the style guides in this office fashion series.


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