I Graduated, Now What? 4 Tips For New Job Seekers

    What to do after graduating college? Look for a job seems like the obvious answer. But how should a college graduate go about looking for work

I Graduated, Now What? 4 Tips For New Job Seekers

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What to do after graduating college? Look for a job seems like the obvious answer. But how should a college graduate go about looking for work these days? Things certainly have changed and it’s tough for new job seekers (like college graduates) to peg out exactly what has changed and how they should approach their job search.

Here are some tips for new job seekers:

1. Make A Strong Presence On The Internet

Have you Googled your name? Does your name pop up on the first page? Is the search a reflection of your professional brand? All of these things are important things to consider for every new job seeker out there because you might be asked about your personal and professional profiles in an interview, according to a recent article on Forbes.

2. Get A Professional Opinion On Your Resume

Secondly, you should revamp your resume and if possible, get a professional opinion. Why? Because getting potential employers to read your resume is half the battle. According to Forbes, “job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed with a professionally written resume.” If you’ve already begun your job search, you know it’s tough to get noticed by today’s employers and simply getting your friends to look at your resume just won’t do, unless they happen to be professional resume writers.

3. Take A Professional-Quality Photo Of Yourself

An article on Inc. states that “A photo is a little like a logo: On its own an awesome photo won’t win business, but a bad photo can definitely lose business.” So, it would probably be in your best interest to revisit all of your social websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on, and ask yourself if your default picture sends out the right message about yourself. Is it professional? Does it reflect how you look when you meet potential employers for an interview? If it doesn’t, now would be a good time to ask a friend to take a good-quality headshot of yourself.

4. Get A Smartphone

Chances are, you’re going to be busy during your job quest. Sure, you don’t have to wake up for that 8 a.m. class anymore, but that doesn’t mean time stands still for your job search.

According to a survey by Right Management, “Eighty-six percent of the employees polled said they plan to actively look for a new position in 2013.” That means new job seekers should definitely step up their game and be ready for every new job post, potential e-mails, and phone calls.

Having on-the-go technology like a smartphone will definitely be beneficial for when you’re out and have some time to kill. You can upload your resume to your phone, and other important job search documents, so that you’re always prepared to apply to a job any time.

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