50 Ways to Find a Job Now!

  Fun and games aside, let’s check out 50 ways to get a job! Know what you want to do Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you are

50 Ways to Find a Job Now!

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Fun and games aside, let’s check out 50 ways to get a job!

  1. Know what you want to do

  2. Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you are looking for

  3. Be able to succinctly tell people what you do in a way a child could understand

  4. Look for jobs that are slightly different from what you used to do

  5. Use the job boards and company websites

  6. Join and participate in professional associations

  7. Check in with your Alma mater

  8. Become active in your community

  9. Spend most of your time away from the computer

  10. Attend networking events

  11. Build a robust LinkedIn profile

  12. Use LinkedIn Groups to meet new people

  13. Scout out recruiters who do placement in you line of work

  14. Develop new skills in-demand

  15. Track your time and activities and assess what needs to be adjusted

  16. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to learn about company culture and meet insiders.

  17. Re-connect with past employers

  18. Research people before meeting with them to build rapport faster

  19. Create a list of 30-50 companies that could potentially hire you

  20. Attend conferences, trade shows or professional meetings

  21. Write a solid and compelling cover letter (no templates allowed)

  22. Customize your resume for every job

  23. Always send a thank you

  24. Take the harder route…always chose the option that is hardest for you

  25. Don’t forget to look for civil service and government jobs

  26. Join or create a job search project team to keep you on track

  27. Follow up and don’t give up

  28. Spend at least 30 hours a week dedicated to productive search activities

  29. Schedule networking meetings at least a week in advance

  30. Develop accomplishment stories to tell during your interviews

  31. Practice interview answers out loud

  32. Know all the details for the interview: who, where, and when. Don’t assume.

  33. Be comfortably confident and make the interview an exchange, not an interrogation

  34. Make LinkedIn work for you by pinging your connections when they share information

  35. Have a professional email signature

  36. Know when it is time to ask for help

  37. Have solid, well-coached references lined up

  38. Know your backup plan

  39. Create and use a personal marketing plan

  40. Expand your job search territory

  41. Be able to put into words the value you bring to your future employers

  42. Keep working your job search, even after you’ve had a great interview

  43. Discuss salary requirements (not income needs) at the last possible moment

  44. Learn how to negotiate and be ready to negotiate your job offer

  45. Use the productive hours of the day (8am – 5pm) meeting with people

  46. Give back to others less fortunate than yourself

  47. Set measurable goals and time-lines and don’t let them slip

  48. Know the right way to answer the question “why did you leave your last job?”

  49. Google yourself to make sure your online presence is tip top

  50. Never, ever stop looking for work again!


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