4 Great Qualities of a Mentor

' Senior high school and the early days in college can be intimidating and challenging for students from all walks of life. Academics can be confusing and unde

4 Great Qualities of a Mentor

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Senior high school and the early days in college can be intimidating and challenging for students from all walks of life. Academics can be confusing and understanding all the subjects takes a while, but the great new is that there are student mentors that you can relate with to help you get through these difficulties. Learnok Mentorship is a wonderful venue for promising students and leaders who wish to share their knowledge and develop professionally.

Mentors can be anyone - he or she can be your professor who continue to encourage and inspire you or your coach who knows that you can go beyond your limits. Mentors develop a learning relationship with their students thus they are well invested in their student’s future. They can be many things to a students but here are some of the qualities that makes an excellent mentor to have.

#1. Flexibility to Changes

Mentor relationships develop and evolve naturally thus even if you start off on professional tutorials, you will soon realize that you want for your student to learn and succeed with your help. It becomes your goal for your student to achieve big in his or academics thus you become flexible to changes from starting with a professional relationship to a long-term mentoring relationships. Students will appreciate the adjustments you make to ensure that they learn and understand their lessons and from there they grow confident and trust your judgement in mentoring them.


#2. Direct and Upfront

Mentors should clarify their student’s goals and expectations so that they can formulate ways to best guide them. It will be a waste of time for both mentors and students if they are not sure what they want or need. For instance, finding an online mentor can be easy but students should be able to put across their specific goal such as getting an “A” for their Math subject. This way, student and mentors can prepare what is needed and ensure that they are on the same page every time they have a mentoring session.


#3.Patient and Allow Students to Take Initiative

Mentors are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, but they also know how to take the backseat and allow the student to actively seek out advice instead of offering it to them. A mentoring relationship should help bolster the student’s confidence and knowledge. Mentors can reciprocate and ask questions that will urge the student to evaluate his or her learnings. This way students will realize what they still lack and try to study more about these topics.


#4. Build Up Students to Succeed

Mentors maybe available to help and guide their students but they should not do everything for them. The best mentors can give students tips on how to achieve their goals, they give insights and take notice of what is lacking, but it is still up to the student to apply all his or her learnings to succeed. Mentors should be able to build up their students so that soon they will be able to stand on their own. Mentors may give advise and open doors leading to the right answers but students should become dependent on their mentors in achieving their goals.    



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