3 Factors For Earning More In Your Job

It’s not always an easy conversation to ask for a raise, and although studies have found that many people who switch jobs get paid more..there are a host of issues that go along with changing positions as well.

3 Factors For Earning More In Your Job

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The transition to earning more money in your career can be uncomfortable.

It’s not always an easy conversation to ask for a raise, and although studies have found that many people who switch jobs get paid more..there are a host of issues that go along with changing positions as well.

In order to help you assess your situation for the best possible salary, I’m going to share three factors that your job must have to maximize your income and success.

If your job doesn’t have these, then I’ll also show you a simple, proven way to get one that does.

The 3 Factors For Earning More

1. Consistently Increasing Your Personal Work Value

At the core of this discussion is the fact that you get paid a certain amount based on your “personal work value.”

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with your identity or human value.

It’s simply a measure of how much your job position is worth to your employer. It’s what they’re willing to pay for the value of the service you provide to them.

How to increase that worth?

Simple. By honing your skills, gaining experience, and developing mastery at what you do.

The more you level up, the more money you make.

So ask yourself this: Is your job pushing you to level up every day? Or is it comfy and cozy, allowing you to sit around all day without growing.

As they say, you’re either growing or you’re dying…and it’s your choice.

2. Apply Your Strengths

A study in Fortune Magazine showed that people who are doing something they like and are good at are 127% more productive than the average employee.

This one is simple as well. If you’re more productive, then you’re more valuable to your employer.

You’ll also open your options and become more attractive to other employers. The more options you have, the more power you have when it comes to asking for a raise or getting a new job.

3. 100% Values Alignment

This is something that more and more companies (especially the type I’ll tell you about in a minute) are talking about.

Simply put, if your lifestyle values aren’t in alignment with your company’s core values, then it’s not a fit for either party.

You won’t be committed to them, and they won’t treat you as well as you deserve.

As a result, your job will become a waste of your time, and stunt your growth rather than help you level up.

Where Can I Find Companies That LOVE These 3 Factors?

Lucky for you, there’s a growing movement of organizations that are in alignment with these three factors. They want you to consistently increase your personal work value.

In fact, there’s an entire list of them called the GameChangers 500.

You’ll find fun places to work like Zappos, an online retailer, on there.

There are companies committed to making a difference, like TOMS shoes.

Also, there are inspiring companies like Kiva, who empower aspiring entrepreneurs around the world with business loans.

How Do I Get A Job With A GameChanging Company?

In order to get the attention of these types of companies, it all circles back to the three factors for increasing your personal work value.

You have to be able to show them how valuable you are in a unique, creative, and authentic way.

So, I suggest, taking strength assessments and highlighting the strengths that naturally align with what you want to do with them.

Also, study their values, and make sure you understand their mission. GameChanging companies are fiercely passionate about their cause, and they want people who align with it.

Lastly, don’t spam companies by emailing your cover letter and resume to everyone you can find.

This approach is a waste of time.

Instead, do some research, educate yourself, and put some effort into getting the attention of a GameChanging company.

If you’d like more great tips on how to do that, then check out my free video sharing some of my best tips for getting the attention of a GameChanging company, and landing your dream job.


Ryan Niessen

About the author

Ryan Niessen is a co-creator of The Gateway Method: a simple, proven way to gain inside access to the world’s best employers and get your dream job. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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