40% of graduates still out of employment six months after graduation

40% of graduates still out of employment six months after graduation

Monday, 10 Oct, 2014



Nearly half of graduates (44%) regret not choosing vocational studies


It has been confirmed that 40 per cent of today’s graduates job seekers are looking for employment for more the six months, and almost a quarter are still job hunting a year on which was confirmed by new research from pure-jobs.com poll.


Four in 10 (44 per cent) of graduates job seekers surveyed say they regret not studying something more vocational.


Peter Smith, graduate director of pure-jobs.com left a comments:


Despite the economic upturn, graduates are still struggling to find work after university. Our research poll shows that many graduates are starting to think if they should have studied for a more vocational qualification as more effective route to leading in to employment. But a degree is an important qualification for some job sectors, school finishers need to decide more carefully about which path to take to secure full time career opportunities is best for them as some may be more suited to an apprenticeship scheme or training which will lead in to full time employment.


A third of graduates apply for more than 33 jobs a month (averaging one application per business day). On the flip side, one in six graduates applies for fewer than five jobs a month.


The poll also reveals graduates are willing to travel 26 miles on average to a job interview, with one in six (18 per cent) stating they travel over 57 miles for a job interview.


Smith continues: Graduates need to prepare themselves for the fact that it may take them a few months longer than they thought to find the career they want. Though the job hunting process can be long, graduate jobs are incredibly rewarding.