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5 Good Habits That Destroy Unproductive Meetings
Unproductive meetings are the WORST. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And ain’t nobody got money for that, either. An estimated $37 billion is lost every year to unproductive meetings, according to this article in Business Insider. YIKES. Communicating well with your colleagues, partners, and clients can be a struggle sometimes… ESPECIALLY when you feel like there have been a lot of meetin... Read the full article
The Way You’re Branding Yourself At Work Might Be Hurting Your Career
Your personal brand follows you around like a loyal canine – in your job search, online, at home, and even at work. In fact, are you even aware of how you’re branding yourself at work? The wrong brand can hurt your career (it can even send you into a major career rut), so it’s important to know how people might be perceiving you in the workplace. Does any of this sound like you? You’re ... Read the full article
How To Train Yourself To Become More Confident
Unless you’re Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Shirley Temple, or Tiger Woods, chances are you’re like the rest of us and weren’t born good at music, acting, or golfing. Womp womp. The truth is, as humans, there are a lot of things that don’t come naturally to us. For some, being confident is one of those things. So, how can you become more confident in yourself or How To Be More Confident ... Read the full article
Get A Promotion In 2017 By Doing THIS…
You’re happy at your job, but you want to take it to the next level. You’re ready for more responsibility and a fatter paycheck. Are you ready to get a promotion in 2017? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 30% of workers are hoping to get a raise or promotion this year. If you want to get a promotion in 2017, you need to brand yourself accordingly. Think about your key skill s... Read the full article
How To Talk About Salary (Without It Being Awkward)
  Let’s talk about salary. This is going to be awkward. You see, when a candidate meets a company and falls in love, they need to have some awkward conversations before they can commit to each other and start having fun together. Salary is one of those conversations. Ugh. Okay, talking about salary doesn’t have to be awkward. The important thing is to be prepared. You need to do your h... Read the full article
How To Be More Organized At Work
Organization is a pain, but the simple truth of the matter is organized people get more done. Why? Generally speaking, they have better time management, live with less mess and get in less trouble. If you want to decrease the mistakes you make and stop getting in your own way the only real option is to become organized. It’s easier said than done certainly, but if you follow a few simple step... Read the full article
3 Ways To Get Through The Workday (When You Really Have To)
We’ve all experienced those days when we just don’t want to work and can think of a million other things that we’d rather be doing. Please, no more meetings! No more boring conference calls! No more spreadsheets and flow chart presentations! We just want to go home, get back into bed, and take a nap with our dog. However, there are bills to pay and careers to make so let’s just do our be... Read the full article
4 Ways For Dealing With A Negative Co-Worker
People who are entering the workforce today are estimated to have 12 to 15 jobs over the course of their career. To more seasoned workers, that may seem like a lot, but staying in a job two to five years looks like it is going to be the norm for millennials (the generation born between the early-1980’s and early-2000’s). There was a time in history, however, when people tended to stay with ... Read the full article
What Happens When a Serious Injury Occurs at Work? Deciding on future employment.
In the last ten years the rate of accidents at work has fallen, although in 2013/14 over 600,000 people still reported being injured in the workplace. These have shown signs of levelling off in recent years though. There were 133 fatal work incidents too, which is over a fifty percent decrease from 20 years ago. The majority of accidents at work usually result in a few days off sick. Serious i... Read the full article
9 Ways To Tune Out Office Distractions
Office distractions are all around us. And they are getting increasingly more difficult to tune out. There are so many ways our boss, customers and teammates can reach us to break our focus, it makes it challenging to get things done. Maybe this is why we are all so very busy each and every day. It makes it challenging to get anything done. You get emails, texts, phone calls all day long for so... Read the full article