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How Introverts Can Land A Better Job
Confession time: although my job involves helping people network, promote themselves effectively, and land better jobs, I am an introvert by nature. How much of an introvert? When I was starting out, it would take me up to 20 minutes to “psych up” for a simple phone call. I avoided face-to-face meetings at all costs. And each and every action I took was accompanied by enormous amounts of s... Read the full article
5 Tips For Nailing Your Next Phone Screening
When you have the employer calling and saying they want to schedule a phone interview with you, that means you look good on paper and they now want to see if you are all that you say you are. The phone screening is a critical stage in the job search process because how well you communicate and perform will pave the way to the big opportunity of a meeting at their office with the decision makers... Read the full article
How to handle a Skype Interview: All You Need to Know
In this digital day and age, it’s not unusual to be invited for a Skype interview, especially if the position you are applying for is geographically far away. More and more companies are attempting to use technology to streamline the interview process, and Skype interviews allow them to quickly weed out the unlikely candidates. Although a Skype interview takes place in the comfort of your own... Read the full article
7 Things Job Seekers Do That Instantly Turn Employers Off
No matter how impressive the resume, if a job candidate comes off as unprofessional, chances are the employer will simply move on to the next candidate with no hesitation. There are no second chances. Take caution with how you present yourself on paper, over the phone and in person. Things that can instantly turn employers off include: 1. Full voice mail box. If you’re going to ap... Read the full article
4 A’s For Acing The Group Interview
Group interviews are being more and more popular these days. These types of interviews can be scary, add unnecessary pressure, and make everyone involved uncomfortable. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! In fact, group interviews are a great opportunity to connect with the panel and prove that you will be a great and engaging team member. If you really want to nail this group intervie... Read the full article
How To Hold Productive And Efficient Meetings
Several years ago, I was consulting with a small venue in the entertainment industry. It was a 24/7 operation with about 500-600 employees. I was directing and providing them with a wide range of management and customer service training. As part of the assignment, I frequently attended the “Tuesday Morning Management Meeting,” attended by 30-40 department heads and assistant managers. It wa... Read the full article
3 Steps To Branding Yourself For Career Success
If you’re entering an established industry as a new person and looking at where you will get the most traction, it is wise to be strategic about it. It’s traction that leads to progress. Progress leads to the coveted freelance gig, the hot club’s stage, the entry-level position with serious growth potential, and eventually to the corner office (or the awards podium or to whatever else is y... Read the full article
How To Build A Personal Brand While Still In School
Finding out information about other people is much easier than it used to be. Professionals are now going to great lengths to create a personal brand online. For example, many people have purchased their own name as a domain and use the space for a portfolio, online resume or personal blog. Domain names are relatively inexpensive and it might be worth the cost to show prospective empl... Read the full article
Cracking The Interview: The Code For Preparing For A Face-to-face Job Interview
  Under ideal circumstances, job interviews can be very stressful and emotionally draining. After all, how you perform on a job interview will likely determine whether or not you get an offer for a position. Unfortunately, unless you are an experienced jobseeker, who has has participated in many job interviews, you will likely be taken by surprise at your next one.  To that end, the fol... Read the full article
What You Need To Know About The ‘Stress Interview’ Or ‘Pressure Interview’
Having to go through an interview is cause for enough anxiety for some people, but add to that a “stress interview” or “pressure interview” and the mind may blow. However, if you understand the strategy behind these types of interviews, you will know how to navigate through it successfully. The stress or pressure interview typically involves being asked questions that at face value soun... Read the full article