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This is a collection of contributed posts from experts and professionals in the careers and job search space! We hope you’ll find one or more articles to help with your career or your search for a new one!

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How to change your career abroad: Australian Mature Age Apprenticeships
  Just because you’ve already been through one career doesn’t mean you’re destined for a retirement home. Many people are on their second or third career. And, with more and more Australians living longer, it’s becoming a necessity. Here’s how to take advantage of it through a mature age apprenticeship.       What Is A Mature Age Apprenticeship?    ... Read the full article
Why You’re A Boring Job Applicant (And What You Can Do About It)
Ho hum…. Another day of job search (or maybe job search and work). If you feel this way, then chances are employers (and others!) will see you this way. How do you know if you are a boring job applicant? And can you really do anything about it? Read on: You force yourself to job search. Does your day sound like this? Wake up, make coffee, turn the computer on, apply for jobs, maybe eat som... Read the full article
4 Healing Tips For The Broken-Hearted Job Seeker
Someone once told me a corporation was a nasty thing to fall in love with – because it will NEVER love you back. This is something every job seeker should realize. The rules of loyalty in the work force are changing. No one can deny that. However, knowing this doesn’t change the pain of getting laid off or let go. It hurts. It can wound. Each of us reacts in one of two ways, either by ... Read the full article
The Importance Of Engineering Apprenticeships
It has been claimed in recent years that the education system isn’t doing enough to prepare young people for the world of work. This seems to be justified by the significant lack of teenagers pursuing a career in engineering. While there are many undergraduate engineers around, the crossover between teaching and actually taking on engineering work has proven to be a substantial jump – with ... Read the full article
What do you mean, I shouldn’t sell myself on Amazon? (#BrazenStuff 2.1.13)
What do you mean, I shouldn’t sell myself on Amazon? (#BrazenStuff 2.1.13) | Brazen Life Spice Up Your Inbox! Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest blog posts, networking events, and discounts on our BrazenU bootcamps. ...... Read the full article
A Road Map for Turning Epic Failures into Future Success
TweetPin It   Have you ever failed at something so badly you feel like you couldn’t face the world? Like you’d rather stay in bed, never leaving your home or seeing anyone ever again? I’m talking about epic, over-the-top, no-holds-barred failure where you fell down hard. It may have come in the form of catastrophic life failures—being kicked out of the... Read the full article
The Ultimate Secret to Discovering Your Passion
TweetPin It   We all know those people. The ones who seem born to do what  they do. The ones who can’t wait to get to work each day. Whether they’re musicians, actors or Wall Street stock brokers, they wouldn’t do anything else. This passion enables them to plow through life’s difficulties with raw, unbridled enthusiasm. How did they land in these car... Read the full article
6 Apps Guaranteed to Improve Your Networking
TweetPin It   You know about LinkedIn, Evernote and Salesforce, but do you know about the next generation of apps poised to help you network, host effective calls and manage your meetings, follow-ups and contacts? These six apps are guaranteed to help improve your communications, no matter who you connect with or what kind of relationship you want to build: T... Read the full article
A More Fun Version of Project Management: Gangnam Style
TweetPin It   Forget business school or The Wall Street Journal—you can learn everything you ever needed to know about good project management from watching Psy, a 34-year-old Korean man, bust some moves in his YouTube hit video Gangnam Style. In his video, Psy, noble man that he is, clearly demonstrates the top four things every budding project manager need... Read the full article
5 Surprising People Who are Hurting Your Career
TweetPin It   Experience, a strong network and an excellent resume are important aspects of a strong career. But to truly propel your professional development, take stock of your personal influencers and make sure they aren’t stifling your career potential. Even the most independent among us have people who influence our decision-making, whether consciously ... Read the full article