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Advice For Professional Tutors
Tutoring is a terrific career choice for folks who want to educate kids in a one-on-one environment. It's a big step from providing occasional homework help to one kid to being a reliable professional who can meet the tutoring needs of a whole community! Here's some advice to get you started on that journey. Look For Plenty Of Experience The tutoring job is all about thoroughly investigating e... Read the full article
Challenge: Take 1-Hour To Declutter Your House
You might not realize it, but letting clutter accumulate in your home can actually hurt your performance at work. It can also hold you back from getting a job. While having a messy house isn’t might not directly connect with your career troubles, it could be indirectly affecting your success rate (or lack thereof one). Unfortunately, clutter can stunt your productivity, increase your stress ... Read the full article
Challenge: Perform One Random Act Of Kindness Today
Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to perform one random act of kindness today. Don’t you love it when people are extra nice to you, just because? Doesn’t it change your outlook for the day? Doesn’t it put you in a good mood? Everyday, there are people out there who go out of there way just to make someone else’s day. They don’t do it for money. They don’t do it for favors. ... Read the full article
Challenge: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier
Today’s Challenge is to wake up 30 minutes earlier. Are you a morning person? If so, you have a gift. For many of us, getting up at the crack of dawn each morning is. a. struggle. There are so many benefits to waking up early in the morning. You have time to relax, read the paper, make breakfast, work out, and so on. It also allows you to shake off the rust before work so you can be as produ... Read the full article
Challenge: Shut Down Negative Self-Talk (NST)
Today’s Work It Daily challenge is: shut down negative self-talk. It’s easy to let your inner critic control your life. Unfortunately, it will only bring you down and hold you back. When something goes wrong, it’s easy to beat yourself up for it. And while it’s important to be responsible for your actions, there’s a big difference between “I suck at interviews and will never get be... Read the full article
Challenge: Take 10 Minutes To Learn A New Skill
We live in a busy, fast-paced world and sometimes it can be hard to make time to continue educating ourselves. However, it’s important that we continually grow and learn new skill sets. That’s what’s going to keep us relevant, confident, and fresh (all of which are essential to personal and professional success). Learn a new skill today. It doesn’t matter what it is, why you want to lea... Read the full article
8 Reasons You Got Ghosted By A LinkedIn Connection
We’ve all been there, right? You connect with someone on LinkedIn, start a great conversation, and then when you reach out again, silence. You never hear from that person again. Ouch – looks like you got ghosted by a LinkedIn connection. Ghosting is when someone abruptly stops communicating with someone else, and it happens all of the time when it comes to online networking. But why did th... Read the full article
Things An Office Newbie Must Do To Impress A New Team
After going back and forth with employers for months, you’ve finally managed to land yourself a great gig. Congratulations! But you know what that means — you’re officially the office newbie. [Insert dramatic screaming sound effects] Okay, okay — it’s not that bad. Sure, it can be intimidating to break into an established group, it can be done, and you can do it! You just have to kno... Read the full article