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We love infographics! And there's a lot of them related to job search statistics, with tips to help you find your next job. Good luck!

3 BIG Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For A Recruiter
Job hunting is easy, right? All you do is find a recruiter, comb through their ads and apply to the jobs that suit you. How’s that for simple? Well, if you’ve ever had to spend a while canvassing the job market, you’ll know that it’s anything but. There may be a trillion job sites out there, each with upwards of 10,000 listings, so finding the right one to suit your job search can be an... Read the full article
  When you’re starting with a new class of EFL students, you may notice they aren’t confident speaking English in front of their peers. They may feel self-conscious about their accents, or they may worry about having a limited vocabulary. Total physical response (TPR) lessons are a great way to increase your students’ confidence. TPR helps EFL students to gain vocabulary without req... Read the full article
America’s Aging Population Needs Social Workers
The United States of America is getting older — and so are its citizens. Just over a decade ago, the number of people over 65 living in the United States hovered around 12 percent. By 2030, that percentage will have increased to nearly 20 percent, which means almost 1 in 5 Americans will be at retirement age. As an aging population gets older, the needs of that population will gain more and more... Read the full article
What Do You Do When You’re 27?
Older millennials were blindsided by the recession, and one of the first generations to take out massive debt for school. They are also one of the tech-savviest generations, and attended post-secondary institutions more than any other generation. Lets take a look at how they’re doing — at 27.     If you were to pick a 27 y.o. out at random… More than likely they would: &nbs... Read the full article
What makes a happy employee? (Infographic)
  It's hard to be successful without a smile. Whether you've won a marathon or your company is leading the industry, if you're at the top of your game, chances are you're feeling pretty good about yourself. But does success lead to happiness, or the other way around?  It turns out that when managers nurture a workplace culture that creates happy employees, they're promoting a more pr... Read the full article
Presenting a Professional Image, women's business attire (Infographic)
 Being a professional involves a lot more than how we interact with fellow employees, employers, and the clients that we encounter. It also involves more than just than just our job performance. One of the most important factors to being a professional is the way in which we dress. Businesswomen contend with a number of issues when it comes to presenting themselves in a professional manner.... Read the full article
10 January Bonuses That Will Make You Want To Switch Careers Yesterday
  It’s that time of the year, when high-flying executives and 80-hour-work-week overachievers await to find out exactly how much extra they’re going to make with the “13th check.” Despite Occupy Wall Street protestations, the income inequality between top earners and bottom employees continues to rise, with JC Penney’s CEO making about 1,800 times more than the stock room boy. He... Read the full article
The 12 Top IT Jobs That Will Fast Track Your Career (Infographic)
Searching for a new job can be daunting and frustrating at times. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many IT professionals. IT jobs are the leading edge of job growth, and are projected to grow more than twice as fast as the average of all occupations. This is reassuring news for those looking into IT careers, recent graduates, and those professionals looking to advance in their car... Read the full article
Who's the Boss? (And Why it Matters)
    In the film “Horrible Bosses,” any resemblance to real or living people may have been purely coincidental, but for many American workers, the portrayal represents a familiar daily reality in the workplace: their bosses are making them miserable. And sick. The Journal of Business and Psychology reported that workers’ health can be adversely affected by a negative psycholog... Read the full article
There’s no way around it…you need a resume to get a job. And it’s not just enough to list your job experience onto a Word document, plop your education information at the end, and email it to recruiters. For one thing recruiters are looking in all sorts of interesting places for the next great employees for their companies. Also, potential employees are impressing recruiters with their socia