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What Happens When a Serious Injury Occurs at Work? Deciding on future employment.
In the last ten years the rate of accidents at work has fallen, although in 2013/14 over 600,000 people still reported being injured in the workplace. These have shown signs of levelling off in recent years though. There were 133 fatal work incidents too, which is over a fifty percent decrease from 20 years ago. The majority of accidents at work usually result in a few days off sick. Serious i... Read the full article
What Can You Do If Your Employer Is In Breach Of Contract?
  “Always read the fine print.” Isn’t that what they say? It’s a vicious, dog-eat-dog business world and more often than not, it’s the underdog who suffers. However, if that underdog is properly prepared and has a few tricks up his or her sleeve, the tables could be turned. If you feel as though you’ve been mistreated by your employer and they are in breach of your employment ... Read the full article
What You Need To Know About Unfair Dismissal
  Being dismissed from work is rarely amicable. You are almost certain to have feelings of injustice and bitterness. In the majority of cases, however, the action of dismissal is perfectly legal. But, there are situations in which you are considered to have been “unfairly dismissed”, and this is against the law.   What is unfair dismissal? Unfair dismissal occurs when you are s... Read the full article
The Basics of UK Employment Law
UK employment law is highly regulated and frequently changes. Here, we cut through the legal complexities to provide an overview of your employment rights.    Minimum wage   Current minimum wages are:   21 and over: £6.19;   18 to 20: £4.98;   Under 18: £3.68; and   Apprentices under 19 or in their first year: £2.65.   Under the National ... Read the full article