How To Be More Valuable To An Employer

The more value you bring with you to your job, the more valuable you are to your employer. Here's how to make yourself more valuable.



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How To Be More Valuable To An Employer

How To Be More Valuable To An Employer
How To Be More Valuable To An Employer
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If you're looking for employment, you should be looking to prove to your potential employer that you'd be a valuable asset to their company. For a business to do well it needs to focus on hiring and retaining talented workers that constantly bring value. As an individual with higher value, you'll be able to leverage your position and command a higher salary, as well as better opportunities to progress up the ladder.

Here are some ideas for directions you might want to follow if you want to be of more value to your employer.

Show Determination and Tenacity

You should try to prove to your employer that you don't give up in the face of hardship, and that you actually have the skillset that allows you to keep going beyond the call of duty. There are different ways to show this. Traditionally speaking, the best way to show your tenacity is through your academic record.

If you've completed a post-grad degree successfully, then your degree is evidence that you can leverage your determination well. If you don't have a postgraduate degree and are really struggling with the job search, you might want to take some time out and complete one. It's a sure-fire way to demonstrate your value, and if you're concerned about time and money, then don't forget that there are great options available to you like doing a reputable online degree – UVA online degrees come highly recommended. 

Demonstrate that you love to solve problems 

Whether it's by mentioning that you love puzzles in your CV or talking about specific problems you've solved creatively, you should mention that solving problems is something that you're good at. If it's not, you should try to improve your problem-solving ability. Try to think of a project that allows you to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and embark upon it.

If you're pressed for time, something like completing an escape room faster than most people could even be a nice bonus. If you think you'll find yourself in a competency based interview, then be sure to read up on ways to showcase your problem solving competency. 

Show Initiative

If you have a record of completing tasks that provide value to your company without even being asked to do them, then you will be highly-sought after. Again, if you can't think of any examples, then endeavour to create them. Maybe prepare something that you weren't asked to bring for your interview like an analysis of something that's relevant to your job description.

The key to demonstrating your value to employers is to identify which skills they're looking for. Analyze what skills will suit the job description, and go out of your way to prove that you possess them. The above skills are just three of the most common and they would suit the vast majority of careers, but you should tailor your approach to the job you're applying for. If it's working in a kitchen, for example, you should show determination and initiative, but problem solving is less crucial if you're working under a chef. Demonstrating that you have a clear ability to follow instructions and get things right the first time would be much more preferable, so you should comb your CV for anything that can support this fact. 

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