How to Practice Sustainability at Work

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices. Do you recognises the importance of protecting the environment and will minimise the impact at work?

How to Practice Sustainability at Work

How to Practice Sustainability at Work
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It's up to you as the owner or manager of a company to ensure that your work premises and staff follow sustainable practices wherever possible. You have a responsibility not to turn a blind eye to unnecessary wastage, overpackaging, and excessive energy use. By recognizing that it's time to improve how you operate as a company, you can lessen your damaging effect on the planet as well as save money on your utility bills as a result. You should keep staff turnover to a minimum so as not to have to train and retain new employees over and over again, just as much as you need to use renewable energy in the place of fossil fuels.

Use Organic Product

Many employers provide food and drink for their workers, which is a spectacular perk. However, that doesn't mean your good actions should negatively impact the environment. Always look for sustainable options. For instance, if you provide breakfast, have the fruit and yogurt or cereal grown and made locally; you can, therefore, support the local market without worrying about too many air miles. Again, look for specialty tea and coffee. There are many coffee companies, such as, who only used coffee beans that have been roasted in the UK and are sourced ethically.

Waste Disposal

In order to practice sustainability at work, you must turn your attention to how wasteful you're being and rectify your actions as soon as you can. Start making recycling compulsory and inform your staff of your increased efforts towards becoming a sustainable company. Offer rewards and incentives for members of staff who go above and beyond to recycle and dispose of their waste responsibly. Reuse items, and collect postage stamps to donate to charities, for example. Encourage your team to recycle paper by placing waste paper bins in convenient places like in the staffroom and next to the photocopier.

Make the Switch

Instead of relying on fossil fuels such as oil and gas, why not consider using thermal energy systems to heat and cool the work environment? Solar panels can take a matter of 1-2 days to be installed, and you can benefit from their installation almost immediately. They're especially useful in warmer climates where there's a good amount of annual sunshine, but if you're considering changing how you use energy, then find out more about the benefits of using renewable energy such as thermal energy.

Pull the Plug

As aforementioned, there's a limited supply of fossil fuels, so it's vital to make sure that you use as little of them as possible. If you haven't yet moved to using sustainable energy resources, then it's even more crucial that you reduce your carbon footprint and take steps to care for the environment. Enforce a strict policy whereby lights have to be turned off in every room when they're not being used, and all appliances are turned off at the wall at the end of the day. Consider replacing halogen light bulbs with LED ones, and asking that staff use window-mounted solar charges when at work, instead of zapping energy which you then have to pay for. 

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