4 of the Best Paying Nursing Careers

A nurse is a highly skilled health care professional who devotes her career to caring for children – from infancy and into the later teen years. But what it the salary rang for this profession.

4 of the Best Paying Nursing Careers

4 of the Best Paying Nursing Careers
4 of the Best Paying Nursing Careers
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The job of a nurse is not the easiest one, and if you do not get your specialization in the right field, it can at times feel like you are not getting paid as much as you should. To stop that from happening, and to help you make the right career choice with the right specialization, here are four nursing jobs that pay the most.

1. Pediatric Nursing

Being a pediatric nurse is relatively easier as it does not necessarily require a master's degree. However, you will still need to have your RN license and Pediatric Nursing (CPN) license. Keep in mind that if you do not finish your RN to MSN, you will need a year of experience at some sort of a clinical care unit for kids (pediatric intensive care unit for example) before being eligible to appear for a CPN licensing examination. If you are particularly fond of working with small children and infants, this could be more than just a financially rewarding job. 

  • Hourly Rate $18.47 - $36.51 
  • Hourly Tips $0.93 
  • Overtime $5.14 - $51.73

  • Bonus $0.00 - $4,438 
  • Profit Sharing $2.50 - $8,060 
  • Total Pay (?) $38,086 - $80,897

2. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners in some US states have the authority to prescribe drugs as necessary, which should give you an idea of the level of importance they hold in certain communities. Family nurse practitioners are well paid, well respected and well known in the communities they choose to serve in. If you want to become a nurse practitioner, you will need to complete your master's degree or DNP.

  • Salary $73,932 - $116,797 
  • Bonus $996 - $16,212 
  • Profit Sharing $990 - $12,329 
  • Commission $7,500 
  • Total Pay (?) $75,169 - $122,408

3. Critical Care Nurse

ICU nurses need to at least complete their BSN before specializing in critical care, but if you are already working as a RN, it's better to opt for a RN to MSN online program to save time and money. Do keep in mind that being a critical care nurse means that handling life and death situations will be a part of your daily routine. If you are good under pressure, you will likely make a lot of headway here, but if you are not, you might want to opt for some other nursing specialization instead.

  • Hourly Rate $24.74 - $49.79 
  • Overtime $5.79 - $74.43 
  • Annual Data $0$103K
  • Bonus $6,000 
  • Total Pay (?) $49,781 - $103,370

4. Nurse Anesthetist

At this moment, an anesthetist enjoys an average annual salary of more than $160,000 and there is no other nursing job which pays more than that of a nurse anesthetist. You will need to complete your MSN online (if you are already working) and get enough relevant experience before you can start working as a nurse anesthetist. There are a few things however, which you would do well to keep in mind.

  • Nurse anesthetists are more prone to medical lawsuits than other kind of nurses
  • The training is very demanding as one needs to be accurate to a tee as an anesthetist
  • The pay is exceptionally high because there are no rooms for error here

You cannot really go wrong by choosing any of these nursing specialties because they will all lead to highly-paid and respected careers down the line. Nevertheless, you should always prioritize your natural knacks over everything else and that includes the promise of more money. Remember that nursing is a career that's built on the ability to help people and save lives, so you should inevitably choose a field of specialization that lets you apply your innate skills to the maximum. If you are good at it, you will excel anyway.

  • Salary $96,136 - $185,803 
  • Bonus $1,011 - $12,452 
  • Profit Sharing $2,095 - $30,000 
  • Total Pay (?) $96,340 - $199,467

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