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If you love music, chances are you’ve tried Pandora, the popular Internet radio platform, but have you ever considered working there? If you check out its Glassdoor page, you’ll see they like to have fun at work… According to one reviewer, they have concerts in the break room with kegs and lots of fun smiling people. Think its on-site concerts and kegs are cool? Well, here are a few other reasons why Pandora is a poppin’ place to work: 1. It’s focused on building a workforce as diverse as its music selection. Pandora is on a mission to build diverse...
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in Career Management
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In this age of digital technology and growing economy, everyone works hard to be able to achieve success in their careers and businesses. They spent most of their time working, doing meetings, negotiating, writing proposals, and so on, to reach all the goals that they have set for themselves and for their businesses. Everyone wants to give their families good and comfortable life and for them to do that they have to get a job and perform well. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work hard, but becoming a workaholic is a different issue. These days, so many professionals have...
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Yay! You found a job. Nothing fancy, just a job. A year later, you move on to something else, something better (or so you think). Six months later, you’re on the hunt for another job. Then, you realize, you don’t even know what you want to do anymore. What kind of job will make you happy? What do you WANT? Job hopping is exhausting, isn’t it? And it’s even worse when you don’t know what you’re looking for in a job. If you’re tired of finding jobs that you hate, check out these five tips for landing the job you...
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in Job Hunting
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So, we’re agreed that it’s worth your time to write a cover letter to accompany your resume (see Why Cover Letters Count). Now you’re facing the daunting task of making your cover letter worth reading. Considering that a 2005 Society for Human Resource Management survey revealed that more than 8 out of 10 human resource professionals spend less than one minute reading a cover letter—and that was before the recession flooded the market with applicants, putting even more demands on hiring managers—how can you hope to catch a hiring manager’s attention, let alone convince them to invite you in for...
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in Cover Letters
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  Are you the type of person who hates to be interrupted at work with “good mornings” and other niceties? Do you routinely avoid the break room or eat lunch at your desk? Do your co-workers hang out socially, but rarely invite you for an after-work drink? While you may think of yourself as an introvert, your co-workers may be interpreting your communication cues quite differently. They may feel that you’re impolite, snobby, or antisocial. So, often with people, simple interactions and misunderstandings may lead to negative feelings and poor office relationships. How To Improve Office Relationships Here are a few...
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Even still, sometimes it is really hard to know if you are having a bad day, a bad week, or it is really time for you to move on to greener pastures. Because this is such a tough thing to ascertain, the team at CredHive built this handy, dandy little infographic to help you know if you should stay or you should start getting your act together and find a new job. Related: 6 Ways To Avoid Burning Bridges By Leaving A Job. First, we want you to know how urgent your job search should be. Should you get your...
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in Career Management
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You like your job. You like your company. You’re a great performer. The next step is a management job. Right? Not so fast. Before you post or apply for a management job, you need to think about if a management job is right for you. That fact that you’re a great salesperson, engineer, or financial analyst doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a great manager. In fact, your ability to succeed in an individual contributor role may actually work against you as a manager. Let me explain. Way back in the 1960’s, David McClelland, a social psychologist at Harvard, suggested...
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in Career Management
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Most people are unaware of seemingly subtle points in their resume that scream out certain things to employers. What may seem vague and somewhat insignificant to you usually is one of the first things that an employer looks for when evaluating candidates. Employers are evaluating resumes and looking to see what you’ve done to keep yourself up-to-date, and many are on a talent shopping spree. This means they are hiring top industry subject-matter experts who have demonstrated their understanding of applying new skill sets and ideas in the workplace. Most Important Career Question To Ask Yourself To wit, I jokingly...
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in Career Management
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  One of the best things about being in sales is the income potential! Salespeople who earn $100K+ each year all share some common traits that make them excel in their job. If you want to earn that kind of money as a salesperson, there are some things you must be highly-skilled at. With the help of the sales team at Fusion Worldwide, we were able to compile a great list of ideal traits all top-earning sales professionals possess. If you’re interested in pursuing a sales position with big income potential, make sure you have the following must-have qualities for success....
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Tagged in: money sales
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  • Pritam Nagrale
    Pritam Nagrale says #
    Building a relationship and maintaining network is very important in career development. I like all the above point you have ment
in Career Management
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We need a job to provide ourselves and our family with necessities like food, shelter, and clothing as well as the nonessential pleasures of life, like birthday cake. Our goal is to find a job that achieves all that and, we hope, makes us feel fulfilled as well. Companies know that. Their main interest is in the company’s goals. What will you contribute to the company’s bottom line and business strategy if you are hired? Your resume should be written in a way that makes it clear why you are applying for a particular position. You have the skills, educational background, and...
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in Career Management
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Building a relationship and maintaining network is very important in career development. I like all...
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