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Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?
If there’s one thing clear in the field of career advice, it’s the plethora of recommendations and “tips” on how to craft an effective resume. And the complexity of what I’ll label “resume wisdom” has escalated in recent years from the impact of technology and the emergence of some new, and very different, resume formats. On the technology side, job seekers confront the need to ma
25 annoying things on your Resume that make hiring managers cringe
While many large companies use automated Resume screener software to cut down the initial pool of job applicants, loading your Resume with meaningless buzzwords is not the smartest way to get noticed. "Nearly everyone is guilty of using buzzwords from time to time, but professionals are evaluated increasingly on their ability to communicate," says Paul McDonald, senior executive director for pr
4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Executive Resume
Try this: pick up your resume and scan it for 15 seconds. Then, put it down and write down what you can remember. Now, ask yourself, “Would I call this person?” If your executive resume does not have a clear value proposition that compels someone to call you, then you need to make some changes. Here are four ways to do that and immediately improve your results: 1. Have A Clear Value Propos
The Top 3 Resume Improvements Everyone Needs Now
If you are sending your resume out but not getting multiple invitations to interview, your resume needs some improvement. To stand out and generate interviews, your resume needs to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers who flip through resumes quickly, and it needs to spark their interest with the kind of information that makes them want to know more. What resume improvements wil
How To Write A CV That Gets You Hired
The first, important step to getting dream graduate jobs is your CV – it needs to stand out. In this competitive job market you need to show how you’re different and why they should hire you as their intern. These five points will help you do just that. Relevance When writing your CV make sure everything you’re including is relevant to the positions you’re applying for. The essential
5 Expert Tips To Modernize The ‘Look And Feel’ Of Your Resume
While a direct cause has yet to be proved, the research is clear. Humans’ attention spans are getting shorter. Just eight seconds or less according to recent research conducted by Microsoft, and this was more than 30% less than similar research had found ten years prior. Realizing that, it isn’t shocking that a study conducted by The Ladders found that on average, recruiters spend only six
4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume
The first challenge with your resume is getting it in the hands of an actual person. Over the past decade, getting through applicant tracking systems (ATS) by including the right key words has become the holy grail of job seekers. The palace guards were put in place so that overloaded hiring managers could keep out the riffraff. And it was necessary. Surveys report that more than half (some s
How To Create A Resume That Captures The Hearts And Minds (And Job Offers) Of Employers
Let me tell you a story. Did your ears prick up? Are you paying attention now? Whether it’s watching TV or a movie, reading a book, or hanging around the water cooler to hear tales from your colleagues, we love stories. Why? Science says it’s because stories developed as an efficient way of communicating. But that doesn’t really explain why we love them. It’s because stories connect
6 Things Employers Want to See in Your Resume
Searching for a job is a lot like marketing. The only difference is that you’re selling yourself and your skills – not a product or service. It makes sense, then, to focus on writing a resume that highlights your experience, skills and the value that you can bring to the employer. The information you include on your resume can make or break your chances of landing a job. Here are six things
4 Phrases You Should Never Have On Your Resume
4 Phrases You Should Never Have On Your Resume Sometimes it’s not about experience and skills that’s the cause of a resume getting dismissed, but simply having phrases that turn employers off. On top of avoiding overused buzzwords on the resume like “creative,” “innovative,” “visionary,” “team player,” “motivated,” “highly skilled,” “hard worker,” “passionate,