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Stay Happy During Your Job Search: 8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers
Who said job search had to be a huge downer? Not me! For most of us, job search is a part of life. It’s something we all have to deal with at some point – like jury duty. But that doesn’t mean we can’t allow ourselves to be happy until we find a job. Your job search could take weeks – likely months – and life is just too short be unhappy that whole time! Yes, it’s possible to be h
6 Behaviors That Can Hurt Your Chances At Getting The Job
Your attitude can impact your behavior and ultimately your job search results. Even if you can offer employers the exact experience and skills they are looking for (and more), you’ll have trouble getting the job unless you carry the right attitude.   6 Behaviors That Can Reduce Your Chances At Getting The Job The wrong attitude leads to poor behavior and unfortunately, that may be the
How To Conquer The 3 Myths Blocking You From Your Dream Job
I made an interesting discovery recently that has the power to significantly change your life and career… IF you remember to use it. It’s one of those paradoxical things where you have to do the opposite of what you instinctively want to do in order to get the result you desire. See, most of us are programmed to simply work harder when we want something really badly (like our dream job)…
5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search
Job search taking way too long? In my experience as a Career Strategist and Executive Resume Writer, I’ve found that the problem rarely lacks qualifications or opportunities, but rather self-defeating search strategies. You can have the greatest vehicle (read: career prospects) in the world, but if you don’t know how to drive or have an accurate map to your destination, you’ll go off the
3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew
What if the real reason you can’t find a job you love isn’t because it’s hard to do or because “you just can’t find anything better”? What if it’s just about how you were taught to “play the game” of your career? Think back to those times in your life where you conquered major challenges. Maybe it was finding love, winning something in sports, or doing something academically.
How To Modernize Your Job Search
  My first outplacement client uttered a phrase I heard over and over as I helped clients transition from a layoff to a new position: “I’ve never actually looked for a job. They’ve always come to me.” Remember back to the days when you were invited to apply for positions and the interviews were a sham? You waltzed into them with a smug smile on your face. The offer came before you
Job Market of Mumbai in 2016: Popular Vacancies, Top Employers
                          For the Mumbai job market, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year. But it’s not just Mumbai’s market that’s having a great year – India as a whole is expected to add 10 lakh employees to payrolls. Salary increases of 10-30% are also expected for jobs in Mumbai and across the country.
Spring Cleaning For Your Job Search: Part 1
“Fast Track Hiring” has emerged as a major trend. There are organizations that are making hiring decisions within days instead of weeks, within hours instead of days. For job seekers this means that preparation and strategies must include a “quick response” capability. At times, certainly in the pre-technology world of mostly paper and mailed applications/responses, it was OK to submit
5 Things To Know when Apply for Jobs on A Job Board
At one time, job boards were the way to go for job seekers. It’s where you could post your resume for employers and recruiters to view, and apply to job openings. But today, it’s a different story. Job boards are simply not as effective anymore since there are social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter where you can pretty much network your way to the right contacts. The
Job Boards: Job Search Things You Should Do Or Don’t?
Job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired, and Pure Jobs, are immensely popular. Many job seekers use these as a primary search tool to find jobs to apply for. But is that where you need to be to get a job? Probably not. I would never advise you to cut off any possible source for job leads, but I would say that it’s important for you to search for a job in a smart, effective way, an