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Get A Promotion In 2017 By Doing THIS…
You’re happy at your job, but you want to take it to the next level. You’re ready for more responsibility and a fatter paycheck. Are you ready to get a promotion in 2017? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 30% of workers are hoping to get a raise or promotion this year. If you want to get a promotion in 2017, you need to brand yourself accordingly. Think about your key skill s
How To Talk About Salary (Without It Being Awkward)
  Let’s talk about salary. This is going to be awkward. You see, when a candidate meets a company and falls in love, they need to have some awkward conversations before they can commit to each other and start having fun together. Salary is one of those conversations. Ugh. Okay, talking about salary doesn’t have to be awkward. The important thing is to be prepared. You need to do your h
4 Ways For Dealing With A Negative Co-Worker
People who are entering the workforce today are estimated to have 12 to 15 jobs over the course of their career. To more seasoned workers, that may seem like a lot, but staying in a job two to five years looks like it is going to be the norm for millennials (the generation born between the early-1980’s and early-2000’s). There was a time in history, however, when people tended to stay with
5 Tips For Motivating Your Team
Motivating your team can be a challenge, especially during the summer when no one wants to be stuck in the office and everyone is daydreaming about the beach. When you employees aren’t “in it to win it,” your brand will suffer. That’s why it’s important to make motivating your team a priority. 1. Be Supportive I think it’s very important to have a supportive team. Our team is very
9 Ways To Make The Wrong Impression On Your First Day
It can be easy to make the wrong impression on your first day at work. We humans are judgmental beings, and we judge fast. How fast? When it comes to hiring: Recruiters spend six seconds per resume before deciding whether an applicant is a good fit. Interviewers “know” within 10 secondswhether a candidate is right for the job. As a job seeker, if you make it past these
5 Tips For Talking To Your Boss About Stress
We’re all guilty taking of taking work home with us at the end of the day— whether that means thinking about your to-do list while making dinner, responding to e-mails on your phone, or actually poring over spreadsheets on your laptop. Related: 3 Reasons For Stress In The Workplace According to a 2013 study, 83% of Americans are stressed out by their jobs, a 10% jump from the previous
7 Ways To Be Happier At Work And Boost Your Career
Want to be happier at work today? A brilliant person named Anonymous once said, “Attitude determines altitude.” In today’s workplace environment, it’s more important than ever to stay positive. We work in offices without walls and doors. We send and receive dozens, sometimes hundreds, of quick messages all day. Everyone knows everything about our work patterns, schedule, and mood. We ar
3 Steps To Help You Master The Art Of Delegation
One of the great opportunities of leadership is the delegation of tasks to others, which not only frees up your time to be more strategic but also develops those employees to whom you’ve delegated. Although it is a great opportunity for leaders, it is also a great challenge. Delegating means letting go of a fair amount of, if not all of, the control associated with the way tasks are completed
Today’s Leadership Styles: Which One’s Yours?
The world is a different place. Business motivations, trends, and economic models have shifted since the digital boom of the 1980s. With that shift came a different perspective on how companies did business, from the products they produced and marketed to the internal management systems in place. Where management used to be hierarchical, dictatorial reality predicated on tenure and sometimes ne
3 Keys For Staying Connected In The Workplace
Whether you work in a small business with less than ten employees or help to run a department in an international corporation, staying connected in the workplace is of the utmost importance when it comes to productivity. Some methods of communication are better than others to keep employees up to date and included in major decision making processes. Depending on what kind of message you want to