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  Just because you’ve already been through one career doesn’t mean you’re destined for a retirement home. Many people are on their second or third career. And, with more and more Australians living longer, it’s becoming a necessity. Here’s how to take advantage of it through a mature age apprenticeship.       What Is A Mature Age Apprenticeship?     A mature age apprenticeship, or adult apprenticeship is training that you can acquire as an adult for a professional trade. Tradesmen exist all over Australia, from brick layers to electricians to masons to carpenters. These trades are a vital...
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in Apprenticeships
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Finding out information about other people is much easier than it used to be. Professionals are now going to great lengths to create a personal brand online. For example, many people have purchased their own name as a domain and use the space for a portfolio, online resume or personal blog. Domain names are relatively inexpensive and it might be worth the cost to show prospective employers what you have to offer. A personal website can expand upon what you fit into your resume and may be particularly beneficial for people who are seeking jobs in design, art, and technology fields to...
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in Preparation
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Ah… the dreaded resume cover letter! Nothing stirs fear in the hearts of job seekers more than the thought of writing a cover letter. It must be the pressure of being succinct, factual, and original. Before you reach a state of high anxiety, consider therapy – cover letter therapy. To write an excellent cover letter, you must really know yourself. Before you begin to draft your cover letter, you must dig deep. Read these tips for cover letter therapy: What Do You Want? A candidate without a goal rarely produces a winning cover letter. Take the time to define your...
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Tagged in: cover letter
in Career Management
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I’m a firm believer stress from home follows us to work and vice versa—even for those who say they keep the two separate. No, you don’t. You can’t. It’s just not possible. Stress is stress and it doesn’t care where you are. There’s no way to compartmentalize life, no matter how desperately you’d like to. So, whether your stress is personal or professional, it can and will impact every aspect of your life. There is good news, however. Stress is completely manageable. You have the ability to take control and keep it from breaking you down. Unfortunately, most people wait...
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in Career Management
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There you stand, at your neighbor’s cocktail party, martini in hand. As you nonchalantly pop the olive into your mouth, you just happen to blurt, “Listen, Christina – there have been layoffs at Acme. Is your company hiring?” Two days later, at your son’s Boy Scout award ceremony. As you nonchalantly pop the s’more into your mouth, you say: “Listen, Hank – there have been layoffs at Acme. Is your company hiring?” The Truth No. No. No. If this is how you envision networking, no wonder you dread it. It’s awkward, it’s invasive, and frankly, it doesn’t work. It’s awesome...
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in Networking
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Old habits die hard and new habits can be difficult to sustain. Change is tough. Change requires willpower, determination, and effort. Change is necessary if you’re planning to adopt winning habits, particularly those that seem “foreign” to you or take you out of your “comfort zone.” Winners, high achievers, and super-star performers all have adopted winning habits – habits that the average performer simply avoids, shuns, or dismisses. Choose one thing you want to change, maybe it’s a habit you want to adopt or an old habit you want to drop, and try this: Get clarity on exactly what you want to...
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in Inspiration
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5 People You Should Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations
LinkedIn recommendations are a tremendous asset to your job search. You can quickly and easily point a potential employer to your LinkedIn profile and they’ll be able to see verifiable references and recommendations of the quality of your work and the results you deliver. Positive words can be powerful motivators. So, how do you choose the right people to request a recommendation from? And how do you know if they’ll give you a good recommendation? 1. The Happy Client Whenever I have a client who reaches out to me to share how happy they were with our service I always...
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in Social Media
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3 Things I Learned From My First Job
I didn’t really have a job before Sophomore year of college. Sure, I tried bussing tables at a local restaurant once before, but… it wasn’t really for me (I lasted three whole days). Sending the wrong food to the wrong tables and cleaning up unfinished meals one too many times was a little discouraging, to say the least. But Sophomore year, I needed money. And I needed it badly. So, I applied to any job I could find, including the infamous call center that required students to call about a hundred alumni each night to ask for donations to the...
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    How to control from getting bored , how to minimize your anger due to work hard , and how to manage your relationship to staff
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3 Ways To Increase Your Job Satisfaction
Although it’s no secret that many of us feel less than fulfilled in our work life, a Gallup poll recently revealed that a mere 13% of employees worldwide are actually engaged. Considering that most of us spend the better part of our days at work, this is clearly not ideal. But what is the solution, if any? Money is often thought to be the biggest predictor of job satisfaction, but a recent survey that ranked nearly 300 jobs from most to least satisfying shows that although money does play a role; it’s not the only motivator. For instance, Internet technology...
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in Career Management
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Salary Requirements
Discussing salary ahead of receiving a job offer can come with risks, but in some situations, you can’t avoid it – especially when it’s the employer who’s asking for it when you apply. The concern with bringing up salary is that the number you pull out may be too low or too high from what the employer is considering. So you may wind up with the short end of the stick or taken out of consideration for wanting a salary out of range with what it’s willing to offer. So, how do you approach the topic under these situations? To...
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in Tax Information
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