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Getting ‘Revenge’ After Being Rejected By Employers
After weeks of going back and forth with an amazing company about a job that would be absolutely PERFECT for you, they tell you the position has been filled. Wait, WHAT? Excuse me? What was all of that talk about how “you’ve really impressed us,” “you’d be a great asset to our company,” and “we think you’d be an ideal fit”? Where they all lies? Filthy, stinkin’, rotten LIES? ... Read the full article
Man Down! What You Need To Do When Injured At Work
Workplace injuries are no joke. One minute everything is fine, and the next you’re staring at your swollen ankle or watching your arm bend in the opposite direction. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be okay. Follow these steps to make sure you’re covered. No Matter the Injury, Fill Out A Report As soon as you can after treatment, fill out an incident report. The top priority is to have... Read the full article
Social media continues to have great importance in everyday living. It is used as a means of communication for families, friends, and peers. Colleges and Businesses recognize this, which is why they are starting to seek out individuals whom can excel in social media. University of Iowa has gotten wide praise for removing its requirement for students to submit a second essay. Instead, they want the prospective students to submit a Tweet explaining why they want to go to college. Tweeting is baked into our everyday lives, and the better we are at it the more successful we can be. Remember,...