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Don’t Overuse Your Network
Many of us feel overused. The harsh reality is that over-users often lose/destroy the contact and the relationship. Under the “guise of networking” by those people who use the term, see it as a great way to get job leads and clients, and don’t understand the savvy behaviors and nuances of the process, real goofs and gaffes have occurred. Some days I want to do shout, “Behave Yourself”... Read the full article
Networking: The Art Of The Cold Call (Or E-mail)
When you hear the words “cold call,” you probably associate them with the words “cold sweat.” Calling someone you don’t know, or even sending an introductory e-mail, can be terrifying for even the most expert networker. Of course, a cold call or e-mail isn’t ideal, but it can be necessary. Your goal should always be to explore potential warm connections. When you find that person yo... Read the full article
3 Painless Networking Tips For People Who Hate To Network
Do you see networking as too complicated, too time-consuming, and too fake? That’s understandable. We’re all way too busy, and we’ve all seen the slimy schmoozer who’s given networking such a bad name—we don’t want to be like that. The problem is that networking really is essential to your career success. With a great network, you’ll hear about job leads or opportunities you’d o... Read the full article
3 Ways To Get Discovered On LinkedIn: The Thought Leadership Strategy
So, just what is thought leadership in the context of a job search? Let’s start with a few sample definitions. The term “thought leadership” was first coined by Joel Kurtzman, then Editor-in-Chief of Booz& Co’s Strategy & Business Magazine. Wikipedia defines a thought leader as “an individual that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field whose expertise is sought a... Read the full article
9 Tips For Becoming A Successful Networker
What’s the secret to being a successful networker? Well, we all know how important it is to balance the online and offline networking and connecting what we are doing now. We can’t only live online, or offline anymore. Each one is mutually interdependent and inter-related. They work so well in tandem. Both have their importance, purpose and value. We know being “online” is simply smart... Read the full article
Why Your Network Isn’t Going To Help You - Pure Jobs
Fresh-faced graduates receive the same advice from every podium speech they hear before going up to the stage to pick up a piece of paper they spent four years earning and haven’t started paying for: Do what you love, be happy, always wear sunscreen, and success is about building a network around you. So, you go about building a network of friends, colleagues, old professors, or high school t... Read the full article
Networking Basics: What You Need To Know - Pure Jobs Inc
I was riding the bus recently and a gentleman who seemed to be around the same age as me sat in the seat next to mine. He started reading a book called Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer. The title immediately prompted my interest, so I cautiously interrupted him to ask what the book was about and why he was reading it. I found out that he worked for a youth engagement company an... Read the full article
5 Quick Tips For More Confident Networking
Networking with strangers can be a terrifying experience for many people, especially when it’s in-person. What do you say? What if you’re awkward? What if you don’t make a good first impression? 1. Know How To Break The Ice Struggling for ice breakers? Instead of trying to memorize one-liners, keep things simple. “A simple ‘Hello, my name is ___’ is more than sufficient if said wi... Read the full article
Where to Hire a Professional Freelance Writer?
  Whether you are in a need of a writer to write an essay or anything related to your business promotion, the process requires some professionalism and knowledge. It is not so easy to find a freelance writer to meet your needs and preferences. Many people are fond of writing, but if the person is writing only for hobby sake, then he or she is not a professional person. You need to search f... Read the full article