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Learn How Using Instagram Can Pay Off Professionally
Do you want to make strides with your career? The following four tips will show you how to use Instagram to achieve your goals. #1. Look Up Companies Look up companies that you think would be a good match for you. Visit their website and spend some time browsing. Check out their social media profiles. The more you read, the more you will learn about what is important to the company. These are ... Read the full article
3 Things Your LinkedIn Summary MUST Say
The summary of your LinkedIn profile is 2,000 characters of prime real estate to genuinely differentiate yourself among the 3,000,000-member online community. Too often, this is the area people squander, by either not completing the summary at all, or by lifting something directly off the resume – the tone of a resume does not read correctly in the living, breathing, conversational LinkedIn co... Read the full article
How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?
If you are in job seeking mode, you should have your LinkedIn profile optimized so that you are ready for “prime time” when a recruiter or hiring manager comes across it. However, completing your profile is only part of your challenge with LinkedIn. If you want to make the most of your presence there, you must also commit time as a regular user. You should be checking on your Groups and thr... Read the full article
Revealed: Expert Strategy To Boost LinkedIn Visibility
Imagine that two people are playing basketball. The first player is constantly checking out his opponent and adapting accordingly. The second player has a blindfold on, and in those moments when he manages to grasp the ball, takes wild shots at anywhere but the net. Who do you think will win the game? The same principle applies for LinkedIn: developing a profile without benchmarking the compet... Read the full article
How Do You Choose The Keywords In Your LinkedIn Headline?
With 120 characters of space available, your LinkedIn headline can make you or break you. Standing out amongst 400 million LinkedIn users is tough. What about when 94% of recruiters are sourcing job candidates on there? Having a strong headline on LinkedIn will increase your chances of having recruiters reach out to you. Not sure what keywords you should be including in your headline? Here are ... Read the full article
5 Smart Ways To Get Noticed On LinkedIn
During my first months of using LinkedIn back in 2007, it often seemed like I was trying to make my voice heard above others with MUCH bigger microphones! When you’re not visible, you’re not seeing much in the way of new connections and engagement from others. At the same time, you’re trying to build out your network (tip: minimum 100 direct connections, shoot for 501+ as ultimate goal), ... Read the full article
How I Accidentally Became One Of The Top 1% Viewed LinkedIn Profiles
I would hope that most professionals these days understand the importance that LinkedIn has become in social media, Internet presence, and career advancement. From having the ability to network with colleagues around the world to having an on-line biography for potential employers and recruiters to see, it is one of today’s “must have” tools for job seekers and professionals alike. T... Read the full article
4 Ways To Be Memorable On LinkedIn
I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot of “noise” out there in social media land, and getting noticed is becoming more challenging by the day. If you are a job seeker who has just started your search, it is likely that you are already feeling overwhelmed with everything that is available to you both online and from in-person networking events. Job seekers receive all sorts of guidan... Read the full article
3 Ways To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations
It is important to get recommendations on LinkedIn to build credibility. But how do you go about asking someone to write you one? Here are a few tips… 1. Choose People Thoughtfully Before asking anyone for recommendations, you need to prioritize. Look at all your work experience and create a list of all the people who witnessed your work. You’d ideally want to identify people who are known... Read the full article