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Career advice you need to read. There is more competition for jobs from talent abroad

10 reasons you need to take control of your career now!!

10 reasons you need to take control of your career now!!

Posted by: , 06 December 2012
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10 reasons you need to take control of your career now!!



So, if you have that “out of control” feeling, here’s a checklist of 10 things to make sure you are doing, to help you get back into the driver’s seat, and on the road to the job you want.

1. There is more competition for jobs from talent abroad

2. More people are competing for less jobs.

3. More people are happy to work for less money to get experience.

4. Technology is replacing many jobs.

5. Companies are thinking twice about recruiting new recruits full time – risk.

6. Layers of management jobs have been stripped out so there are less clear career prospects.

7. People are living longer so need to work longer to fund retirement.

8. Gives you influence control in an uncertain world – research consistently proves this is key to happiness and fulfilment.

9. Companies are merging and consolidating worldwide reducing the volume of jobs.

10. Taking action moves you forward, inertia, fear and inaction keeps you frozen.

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