The strangest interview mistakes to avoid

    Are you on the job hunt and ready to go on your next interview? Then you should definitely be prepared to avoid the most common interview mist

The strangest interview mistakes to avoid

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Are you on the job hunt and ready to go on your next interview? Then you should definitely be prepared to avoid the most common interview mistakes.


Dress appropriately, turn off your cell phone, do your research about the company and prepare the most common interview questions. Appearing disinterested is the No. 1 turnoff for employers.


Also trying too hard to make a lasting impression on a prospective employer in an interview could backfire.


The most common and most outlandish job interview mistakes to avoid, hiring managers provided real-life examples of the most peculiar behaviours they witnessed in job interviews:




    • Being asked about the reasons why he quit his last position in a bank, a candidate said it was because he was always tempted to steal.


    • Another jobseeker denied that he had a cell phone with him even though it could be heard ringing in the briefcase beside him.


    • The next candidate emptied the employers candy dish into her pocket.


    • This applicant was quite honest about his weaknesses. He said he didnt like getting up early and didnt like to read.


    • Trying to hide away from the taxman? The candidate asked to be paid "under the table."


    • He must have meant it as a friendly gesture. The candidate reached over and placed a hand on the interviewers knee.


    • The candidate commented that he would do whatever it takes to get the job done, legal or not.


    • This candidates interview must have gone really well. He hugged the president of the company.


    • The next jobseeker must have been very hungry. He called his wife to see what they were having for dinner.


    • Another candidate asked to postpone the start date so she could still get holiday gifts from vendors at her current job.


    • This job applicant called in sick to her current employer during the interview, faking an illness.


    • The candidate said he didnt want the job if he had to work a lot.


    • The next jobseeker wouldnt answer a question because he thought they would steal his idea and not hire him.

Tip "Have a friend run through a mock interview with you, asking questions you think will come up and some curve balls youre not expecting. Thoroughly research the company ahead of time and draft responses that incorporate your accomplishments. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to run into mishaps."




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