8 Common Job Interview Questions That You Should Be Prepared to Answer

Nailing an interview starts with the right prep work. Consider these 8 common job interview questions that you should always be prepared to answer.



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8 Common Job Interview Questions That You Should Be Prepared to Answer

8 Common Job Interview Questions That You Should Be Prepared to Answer
8 Common Job Interview Questions That You Should Be Prepared to Answer
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Did you know that, on average, 250 people apply to a single corporate job? If you get to the job interview stage, make sure you're prepared for all of their questions.

Questions at job interviews are usually pretty standard. The hiring manager running your interview will want to know you can handle yourself in this new position. They are looking to understand your qualifications and personality fully.

If you want to know the most common job interview questions and how to nail a job interview, keep reading! This article will walk you through some interviewing tips that can help you get your dream job.

Common Job Interview Questions

These are a few of the common job interview questions you'll get. Make sure you answer honestly and do some preparation with a family member or in the mirror to ensure none of these questions will trip you up.

If you are very nervous, there are services out there like interview coaching to get you ready for any and all job interview questions they could throw your way. 

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This is how they get to know you and your personality. Offer information that isn't on your resume. Go into your hobbies and other things that show you are the right candidate for the job.

2. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

When they ask you this question, they want to make sure you understand the role you are applying for and what you will bring to the table. Be specific to show you've done your research.

3. What Are Your Strengths? Weaknesses?

When you discuss your strengths, make sure you focus on the job you are applying for. Try to make your weaknesses positive, but be honest. You can also speak about a weakness you had at one point and how you overcame it.

4. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

The employer wants to know you have a trajectory in mind and it aligns with their goals. They are going through the trouble of hiring someone and want them to stick around for a while.

5. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Do not badmouth your current job. If you are leaving because of a bad situation, try to put a positive spin on it.

6. How Do You Handle High-Stress Situations?

They want to know you can handle difficult situations. Try to think about ways you can turn stress into motivation.

7. Why Should We Hire You?

If you can't think of a reason they should hire you, why should they? You want to think about why you would be great at this job and answer with confidence.

8. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

If you are going into a new field, do some research on the average salary for your applying role. Figure out the range you would be comfortable with, and it'll prove you know you're worth.

Ready to Land the Perfect Job?

Now that we've gone over most of the common job interview questions, you're ready to nail that interview!

If you are looking for your next interviewing opportunity or want to improve your life at the current job you have, take a look at the rest of our blog! We have a ton of career and education content to help you make the most out of work.

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