Accounting Jobs with the Highest Salaries

Which are the highest paid accounting jobs in the world? After some extensive research we have come up with the top 4.

Accounting Jobs with the Highest Salaries

Accounting Jobs with the Highest Salaries
Pixabay: Accounting Jobs with the Highest Salaries
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One of the best things about earning an accounting degree is that it opens the door to a number of potential career paths. Every industry and business require the services of an accountant at some point and consequently an accountancy degree allows you to work just about wherever you choose. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics rates accounting as one of the fields projected to grow the most in the next decade.

There are a variety of specialists within the field of accounting, these range from the day to day book keeping for individuals and businesses, to the complex analysis of corporate accounts and the subsequent designing of corporate policy.

The field of accounting is very different today to how it once was, and this is in large part due to the widespread availability of powerful calculating capabilities of modern computers. This, combined with innovations in the development of accounting software in recent years, has made basic accounting tools widely available. This has both made an accountants job easier and harder; easier because they can automate much of their work, harder because more individuals and small businesses now turn to software instead.

If you are interested in pursuing any of the high paying careers on this list, then you should consider studying an online masters in accounting. Studying a Masters in Accounting online is cheaper than attending a traditional university.

1.  Environmental Accountant

​ The role of an environmental accountant is to collect and analyse data relating to pollution on behalf of various businesses and organizations. Environmental accountants analyze the way that various natural resources are used in an industrial context and work with businesses to reduce their climate impact in the most efficient way possible.

2. Spectator Sport Accountant

If you have a passion for sport but, for whatever reason, have no aspirations to play the game professionally, then working in an accounting capacity alongside sports teams can be a fitting compromise.

The role of a sports accountant will range from payroll and everyday bookkeeping, to managing the merchandise for a sports team.

3. Financial Analyst

​ A financial analyst is responsible for advising businesses on how they can improve their financial situations. Financial analysts review a company's balance sheets on a regular basis and often advise shareholders and board members on how to best manage the company's funds.

4. Risk and Compliance

Tax laws, and other relevant regulations can be a real headache to learn. For businesses who operate across multiple territories, there are often multiple different sets of rules and regulations which must be adhered to. The role of those working in risk and compliance is to assess which rules and regulations are relevant to a business and how they can make sure that they abide by them.

An accountancy degree allows graduates to pick whichever industry they please to work in. An accounting degree is incredibly versatile, and the skills are widely and easily transferable, while the rules and regulations an accountant must follow will change from place to place, but the basic skills remain the same the world over.

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